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September 14, 2023A Guide to the Best Ingredients in Skincare

Discover the naturally sourced, vegan and EWG VERIFIED™ ingredients that make up our line of skincare products.

With so much emphasis placed upon appearance and youthfulness these days, skincare is experiencing nothing less than a meteoric rise in popularity. We can especially observe this phenomenon on social media with GRWM (Get Ready With Me) clips or videos of “celebrities” revealing their secrets and advancing what they claim to be miracle formulas.

But before purchasing a product simply because a TikTok star sings its praises, it’s important to know what works best for your own skin.

This article invites you to discover the best ingredients in skincare for your skin type – a variety of naturally derived, vegan and clean ingredients that offer a plethora of benefits… because beyond beauty, there is well-being.

Why are skincare ingredients important?

According to the EWG, a woman uses an average of 13 body care products per day and comes into contact with over 114 different ingredients1. That’s reason enough to learn more about the ingredients that are contained in your skincare products before integrating them into your daily routine.

The first criteria when it comes to selecting a skincare product should always be its ingredients’ qualities and effectiveness, as it’s a product’s ingredients that will produce – or not produce – the expected or desired effect. Depending on your skin’s needs, opt for products that are formulated with naturally derived ingredients with proven properties (like nourishing, moisturizing, purifying, etc.).

Vitamin C, peptides, phytoglycogen and even algae (which we’ll tell you more about later in this article) all come to mind. In addition to the EWG declaring these ingredients to be safe, they are effective in addressing various skin concerns like dullness or dryness.

Also, several naturally derived ingredients found in skincare products are vegan, which is a significant benefit when it comes to the environment. According to a United Nations report, switching to a vegan lifestyle could significantly contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and combating climate change2.

Are you now thinking about buying a product, but uncertain if it is formulated with the best ingredients in skincare for your skin type? Whenever in doubt, consult the EWG's Skin Deep® database, which rates more than 97,000 cosmetics based upon their content.

What skin types require care?

The answer’s simple: All. Of. Them. There are four skin types – oily, combination, dry and delicate, and normal – and each requires tender loving care. Here's how to identify your skin type:

Best ingredients skincare skin type Oceanly ATTITUDE

Naturally derived ingredients are available that can meet the needs of all these skin types, while others can address specific concerns. The key is to choose the best ingredients in skincare for your skin type and specific needs, regardless of what is written on social networks. Simply take this quiz, and in just a few minutes you’ll be able to create a routine that’s right for you.

​What are the 4 essential skincare products?

Whatever your skin type is, your skincare routine should consist of these four essentials: a gentle cleanser, a serum, a cream and sun protection. Choose products that are especially formulated for your skin type using naturally derived and clean ingredients according to EWG criteria.

For example, for delicate and dry skin, there are oil-to-milk enriched with castor oil (which is known to preserve the skin's natural hydration). And for combination or oily skin, there are creams whose ingredients have moisturizing properties and mattifying properties.

It’s also completely normal for your skin's needs to change along with the seasons (for instance, your skin will become drier in winter), during hormonal changes (oilier when menstruating) and throughout the aging process (appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and spots). Make sure to modify your skincare routine accordingly and as mentioned previously, choose naturally derived ingredients with proven properties.

What are the best ingredients in skincare for your skin type?

The EWG evaluates ingredients based upon their potential risk factor when used in everyday life. Our Oceanly™ skincare line is EWG VERIFIED™, which means the ingredients that make up our formulas are not deemed to be of concern.

Here is a list of naturally derived skin care ingredients, including their benefits and the skin types they are suitable for.

Several valuable algae extracts can be used in skin care, including Canadian dulse and bladderwrack extracts. They help soften and revitalize skin in addition to giving it radiance.
Skin types: all

Shea Butter
Rich in vitamins A, E and F, shea butter is a vegetable fat. It is used in creams for the face, around the eyes and for the body to nourish and soothe dry and delicate skin. For more about shea butter’s benefits, go here.
Skin types: dry and delicate

Evening primrose oil
Rich in omega 3 and 6, evening primrose oil is derived from the seeds of the primrose plant. It is mainly known for its ability to protect the hydration barrier.
Skin types: dry and mature

Montmorillonite is a blue clay that’s rich in minerals. With its detoxifying and purifying properties, it eliminates impurities from pores and provides a vivid sensation of freshness. Montmorillonite is mainly used in face masks.
Skin types: normal, combination and oily


Best ingredients skincare peptides Oceanly ATTITUDE

Peptides are the fundamental building blocks for many proteins (including collagen, elastin and keratin) found in the human body, helping skin to maintain its firmness and supple appearance. Peptides are particularly useful in moisturizing or pro-aging products as they help to rebuild the skin's natural moisture barrier. Find out more about peptide’s benefits here.
Skin types: all, especially dry and mature skin


Best ingredients skincare phytoglycogen Oceanly ATTITUDE

Phytoglycogen is a true skincare revelation: Highly effective, it provides radiance and long-lasting hydration to skin as well as helping to reduce signs of aging. If there’s one ingredient that tops our list of best ingredients in skincare, it’s this one! Learn more about phytoglycogen’s benefits here.
Skin types: all.

Bamboo powder
Nature’s gentle wonder, bamboo powder sports impressive exfoliating properties. When used in an exfoliant, it helps to eliminate dead skin cells, leading to a brighter complexion and a refining of the skin's texture.
Skin types: normal, combination and oily

Provitamin B5
Known for keeping skin smooth and healthy-looking, provitamin B5 is used in serums to preserve skin’s natural hydration and help keep it in good condition.
Skin types: all, especially dry, dull skin

Encapsulated and stabilized vitamin C

Best ingredients skincare vitamin c Oceanly ATTITUDE

What is the most important ingredient for glowing skin? We’d say Vitamin C. Possessing antioxidant properties, vitamin C stimulates collagen’s synthesis in the skin’s upper layers to even out the complexion, reduce the appearance of spots and provide a radiance boost. Find out more about Vitamin C’s benefits here.
Skin types: all, especially dull skin

Best ingredients skincare ingredients for skin type Oceanly ATTITUDE

To learn more about the naturally derived ingredients that make up the line of ATTITUDE™ skincare products, please visit the glossary.

Has this article encouraged you to try the best ingredients in skincare for your skin type? If so, you can learn even more by consulting the following:


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