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ATTITUDE® launches a revolutionary solid skincare line

8 cosmetic ingredients to avoid in face care products

The ingredients in cosmetic products are not always good for our skin even if the results are there. Here are 8 cosmetic ingredients to avoid in skincare products.

How to choose the best body care products for your baby

Future moms and new parents, you’re likely looking for the best body care products for your baby. But how to make the good choice?

What is clean beauty?

Clean beauty, what exactly is it? Here are five things to remember on the trend that is gaining more and more traction in the world of beauty products.

5 Tips for storing your natural beauty products

Have you been using eco-innovative bars of soap and shampoo? Great job! Now here are five tips that will make them last longer.

5 Reasons to Switch to Natural Face Wash

Wait, you haven’t switched to a natural face wash yet?? Here are five reasons to make the change. Your skin thanks you in advance.

6 Reasons Why Gender Equality Must Happen

Gender equality has positive effects on society, companies, and the road to achieving sustainable development goals. Do you know what they are?

How to choose between bar soap and liquid soap

Does bar soap hold bacteria? Is liquid soap environmentally friendly? Finally, we settle the debate between bar soap and liquid soap.

Find your curly hair type

Demystify curly hair types and understand their very specific needs. Discover the three main categories, and what differentiates and defines them.

5 oatmeal benefits for sensitive skin

Do you have dry & sensitive skin? This fabulous cereal is used in personal care for its soothing properties. Discover oatmeal benefits for your skin.

Selecting the best shampoo for your hair type

Looking for the best shampoo for your hair type? From fine hair to colored hair, find out the best natural ingredients to look for.

6 tips to revive flat hair

Do you have trouble with thin, flat hair? The cure that will give your hair brilliance and vitality is right here at your fingertips.

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