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October 6, 2022Phytoglycogen: The secret to beautiful skin

If you’ve been keeping up with the latest trends in the world of beauty products, then you’ve undoubtedly noticed the arrival of phytoglycogen – the star ingredient in our new plastic-free face care collection Oceanly. And in our opinion, its popularity is a growing one. Here is why you should include phytoglycogen in your beauty routine.

What is (phyto) glycogen?

Qu’est-ce que le (phyto) glycogène?

Glycogen is a molecule that is naturally present in the body, especially in the skin. For several years, we’ve known that it plays an important role in cell growth and maintaining skin hydration, but new data suggests that it also has the potential to be an anti-aging ingredient in beauty products. Essentially, glycogen is a form of energy stored in your cells. Like many other things, over time, it decreases and the skin regenerates slower.

Enter phytoglycogen. Chemically identical to glycogen that is present in the human body, phytoglycogen is derived from plants, mainly from varieties of sweet corn.1 Contrary to glycogen, which is usually extracted from marine animals, phytoglycogen is 100% plant-based. Therefore, it is a completely vegan and environmentally friendly option. Integrate it into a skin care product and it’s like having all of nature’s powers at the service of your skin!

What is the difference between phytoglycogen and the other active skin care ingredients?

We could compare phytoglycogen to other bodily components such as collagen and hyaluronic acid. All three contribute to the maintenance of healthy skin, but glycogen is the only one that acts as a source of energy and naturally fuels the production of other components. In fact, according to in vitro tests, when applied topically, phytoglycogen penetrates the epidermis and stimulates the production of hyaluronic acid and collagen.2 In other words, when using phytoglycogen-based products, you feed three birds with one seed.

Why will your skin love phytoglycogen?

Even if its integration into cosmetic products has yet to become widespread, phytoglycogen has been proven to work. Clinical studies have shown visible results within the first six weeks of use and its numerous benefits for all skin types (dry, oily, aging, dull, etc.).

Pourquoi votre peau aimera-t-elle le phytoglycogène? Avant et après
  1. Ultra moisturizing :
    It’s proven that phytoglycogen is a better long-term moisturizing option than hyaluronic acid. It provides an instant and lasting sensation of softness as well as improves the skin’s texture.
  2. Boosts radiance :
    By improving the appearance of the skin, phytoglycogen instantly and naturally revives a dull look.
  3. Helps reduce the signs of aging :
    Phytoglycogen reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and spots while improving the firmness of the skin.
  4. Soothing :
    Phytoglycogen is ideal for dry skin. Not to mention, it’s ultra effective in counteracting dryness and restoring a feeling of comfort.
  5. Naturally sourced :
    Derived from plants, phytoglycogen is a natural and safe substance, according to EWG. Even the most sensitive skin can enjoy its benefits!

phytoglycogène bénéfices

Where can you find phytoglycogen-based treatments?

How do you incorporate this famously powerful ingredient? By opting for revolutionary skin care products like those in the new Oceanly collection by ATTITUDE. Unlike anything the beauty world has given us so far, the Oceanly collection was inspired by the planet’s most abundant treasure – the ocean – and relies on the essentials: plastic-free packaging, high-performing ingredients from natural origin, and formulas that adapt to your skin.

The face care line consists of cleansers, serums, creams, and oil, in solid formats, that combine phytoglycogen with other exceptional naturally sourced ingredients.

  • Stabilized vitamin C to even out skin tone
  • Peptides to regenerate the skin’s moisture barrier
  • Shea butter that is rich in vitamins A, E, and F to nourish dry skin
  • Arrowroot powder with mattifying properties
  • Grapeseed oil for its antioxidant properties

And so much more!

Où trouver des soins à base de phytoglycogène?

Simply choose from one of the seven categories – PHYTO-GLOW, PHYTO-AGE, PHYTO-CALM, PHYTO-MATTE, PHYTO-CLEANSE, PHYTO-OIL and PHYTO-SUN – depending on the desired results.

In addition to being dermatologically tested and cruelty-free, all Oceanly treatments carry the EWG Verified™ seal, proof that they are free from worrying ingredients. Discover more about the future of your favourite face care line and its star ingredient right here.


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