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November 30, 20225 shea butter benefits for the skin

If you shop for nourishing skincare for the body or face, chances are you’re already familiar with shea butter. However, do you know all it can do for the skin, particularly dry and sensitive skin?

Here are 5 shea butter benefits for the skin that will convince you to start or keep using it.

What is shea butter?

Shea butter is a plant-based fat that comes from the fruit of a tree native to sub-Saharan Africa, known by its Latin name Butyrospermum park. Its usage in food and cosmetics has been widespread since the dawn of times in Africa, mainly in Ivory Coast, a prominent producer of this prized ingredient.1.

Composed mostly of fatty acids such as stearic and oleic acids, shea butter is also rich in antioxidants, including vitamins A and E. Best of all, it’s a naturally sourced substance that has no health risks, according to the Environmental Working Group (EWG)2.

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Shea butter benefits for the skin

Is shea butter good for the face and the body? Absolutely! In fact, shea butter has various uses for the skin and presents a multitude of advantages. Here are five shea butter benefits for the skin – even the most sensitive!

1. It promotes skin hydration

Shea butter is used in many lotions and moisturizing creams because it’s rich in good fatty acids that are highly nourishing and quickly absorbed into the skin. By penetrating the pores, it nourishes the skin while strengthening the moisture barrier, which protects you from external environmental factors that lead to dry and damaged skin.

2. It soothes and softens dry, sensitive skin

The moisturizing properties of shea butter allows it to soften and relieve dry and sensitive skin. Some studies have also demonstrated that it has the power to reduce redness that is associated to dryness3.

3. It acts as an antioxidant

Due to its high content of vitamins A and E, it mimics powerful antioxidant substances that protect skin cells from free radicals that can cause dull complexions and premature skin aging. Simply put, it helps maintain healthy-looking skin4.

4. It is suitable for all skin types

Do you have oily skin? No problem.

Since shea butter is quickly absorbed into the skin, it does not make the skin oily. Is your skin prone to imperfections? No need to worry. By restoring the skin’s natural moisture barrier, it also helps rebalance the production of sebum.

Maybe you have sensitive skin? Good news for you too: shea butter is gentle and hypoallergenic – and even safe for those with nut allergies! Primarily composed of fat, shea butter includes only a minuscule amount of allergens.

5. It can be used every day

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What will happen if you use shea butter every day? Your skin – even if it is dry and sensitive – will finally be able to better retain moisturization and regain a soft and supple texture.

Suddenly, your daily beauty routine will be more comforting than ever!

Where do shea butter benefits for the skin come from?

Simply put, from its composition! Thanks to their nourishing properties that help restore the natural moisture barrier, rebalance the production of sebum and preserve the healthy-looking skin, the following make shea butter one of the most coveted ingredients within the beauty industry5 :

  • Stearic, oleic, linoleic, and palmitic fatty acids
  • Vitamins A, E, and F
  • Triglycerides
  • Glycerol esters

Which shea butter-based skin care should you choose?

With shea butter having so many benefits for the skin, it’s not surprising to see this amazing ingredient in a variety of self-care products. But which ones should you choose? Whatever products you decide to go with, make sure they combine shea butter only with other naturally sourced ingredients that are EWG-approved.

Here are three skincare treatments that you can readily trust – especially if you have sensitive skin!

PHYTO-CALM Solid Face Cream

The new and revolutionary PHYTO-CALM Solid Face Cream from the Oceanly™ line is designed for sensitive skin. It is formulated with shea butter to nourish and soothe dry skin, phytoglycogen to restore the comfort of the skin, and bladderwrack, an algae that’s known for its softening properties. The result: skin that feels smooth and hydrated, and a soothing sense of serenity. 

PHYTO-CALM Solid Eye Contour Cream

Everyone needs to soothe the most fragile area of the face. This solid cream relies on the extraordinary virtues of our most soothing ingredients to relieve the sensitive skin around the eyes: shea butter (of course), phytoglycogen, and Ecklonia cava extract from polyphenol-rich algae known for its antioxidant properties.

Leaves bar™ Body Butter
Woman hanging under her arm a body butter from ATTITUDE to envoy the Shea butter benefits for the skin

Available in two delicate aromas – Sandalwood and Sea salt – this body butter combines shea butter and cocoa butter to nourish the skin from head to toe. The best thing about this luxuriously creamy product is that it melts upon contact with the skin to immediately penetrate the pores without leaving a greasy or sticky feeling. It’s a dream come true for those with dry and sensitive skin!

Shea butter benefits for the skin are well known in the beauty world. Believe us, you won’t regret adding this heartening ingredient to your daily ritual all year long!

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