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August 17, 202310 makeup tips for mature skin

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Over time, our interests, our bodies and our style tend to change. And so does our skin: Wrinkles and fine lines appear; Textures and complexions become different; Elasticity decreases. And it seems like all of a sudden beauty products that had been part of our routines for oh-so-many years no longer provide us with that same glow. But rest assured, that doesn't mean it's impossible to look great as we age! Just like everything in life, the secret lies in knowing how to adapt.

In this article, we’ll share 10 tips that have been endorsed by our professional makeup artist that will help you modify your skincare and makeup routines to better meet the needs of mature skin.

1. Always begin by moisturizing your skin thoroughly

As we age, sebum production can drop by 60%1. That’s a lot! Even if you had to endure those frustrating teenage years dealing with oily skin, the odds are that your face is now having to cope with dryness. This is why it is essential to integrate moisturizers that are especially designed for mature and healthy skin into your daily routine.

Among the most efficient science-backed ingredients are peptides and phytoglycogen: Peptides are known for their ability to replenish the skin's moisture barrier, while naturally derived phytoglycogen provides excellent long-lasting hydration, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, smoothing the skin and evening out the complexion.

“I recommend using PHYTO-AGE face serum from the Oceanly™ line, which is a highly concentrated blend of powerful ingredients such as phytoglycogen and peptides.”, said professional makeup artist Charlie Manning.

Combined with an eye contour cream , these moisturizing ingredients provide mature skin with the nutrition it requires throughout the day so it doesn't dry out underneath makeup.

10 makeup tips for mature skin Phytoglycogen Oceanly Makeup ATTITUDE

10 makeup tips for mature skin Peptides Oceanly Makeup ATTITUDE

2. Never (never, never) skip sun protection

The main villain when it comes to skin aging? The sun. UV rays are responsible for 90% of visible skin changes2! And it doesn't improve with time, it’s just the opposite: Reduced collagen production, which decreases an average of 1% every year starting at age 30, increases the skin’s sensitivity to the sun with age3.

Protect your skin on a daily basis using a non-nano zinc oxide sunscreen with SPF 30. Zinc oxide creates a physical barrier that guards against UV rays, preventing those rays from damaging the skin. For utmost simplicity, go with an odourless sun stick.

3. Take the time to apply a makeup base

Do you feel that your makeup is getting into your face’s every wrinkle and fine line? Been there, done that. First, adequate hydration will help you regain a smoother texture. Second, prepare your skin with a base that will help makeup stay in place (and not sink into the little creases that all those years of laughter have created on your skin).

For mature skin, the act of preparation is just as important as the makeup itself. Proper preparation gives a smoother effect on a daily basis, as well as preserving your skin’s natural beauty over the years.

4. Indulge in hybrid makeup’s benefits

Your skin deserves all the goodness in the world, so we’d like to suggest pampering it with hybrid makeup. As the name suggests, hybrid makeup serves as both makeup (obviously) as well as skin care: It contains ingredients that can provide multiple benefits to the skin, namely nutrition, hydration or even reducing signs of aging.

The products in the Oceanly™ hybrid makeup line are formulated almost exclusively with naturally derived ingredients like vegan collagen, whose effects have been demonstrated in clinical studies.

10 makeup tips for mature skin Collagen Oceanly Makeup ATTITUDE

As collagen loss is at the root of aging skin, compensating for that loss with proper care, or makeup enriched with vegan collagen, helps to preserve and extend skin’s natural beauty.

“Hybrid makeup is great for mature skin, especially products like foundation, concealer, and lip gloss. concealer and lip gloss that contain certain ingredients with moisturizing properties can help plump up the face, especially under the eyes and the lips, which are two fragile areas,” said Charlie.

5. Apply your makeup in thin layers

As tempting as it may be to apply a thick layer of foundation to hide your face’s wrinkles and blemishes, this is one of the most common mistakes made regarding makeup for mature skin. Makeup that’s too thick tends to get into wrinkles and fine lines.

Rather, use lightweight formulas, going one thin layer at a time. Start with your foundation, then apply a concealer in areas where you feel you need to give your face a more even texture and more radiant complexion.

“I always recommend using sponges to properly apply foundation and to get an even finish,” Charlie said.

6. Use the correct technique to properly blend makeup

Each thin layer of makeup must be well blended before the next layer is applied. Using sticks like those in the Oceanly™ line simplifies this step: “For the concealer, just press the product against your skin. Then spread it out by tapping it with your fingertips, not making circular movements,” recommended Charlie.

A byproduct of aging is that spots and uneven skin tones often become more frequent. Blending makeup for mature skin – one layer at a time – will help even out your complexion.

7. Choose a warmer shade of bronzer

Many of us have spent most of our lives trying to find a shade that is the closest match to our skin’s. If you’re finding that your complexion is a little on the dull side, it might be time to brighten your face with a slightly warmer coloured bronzer. Apply it in the hollow of your cheeks, on the contour of your jawline and on your forehead. The result? An instant glow-up.

8. Keep a straight face when applying your blush

Do you tend to smile when applying your blush so you can make your cheekbones rosy? Here’s a suggestion: Change your technique by being expressionless during application, and tap the blush from the interior of your face to the exterior in an upward motion. This approach prevents your makeup from creating a sagging effect. Oh, and it’s OK to smile afterwards!

9. Give your lips all the love

Over time, the loss of collagen and elastin can also cause lips – whose skin is particularly delicate – to lose volume. That's why it's important to give our lips lots and lots of love! Moisturize them with a balm enriched with shea butter and coconut oil.

Once you have applied the balm, the next step is to highlight your lips by lining them, then filling them in with a vegan lip gloss. Make sure to use a similar shade for both the lip liner and the inner lip that goes along with the rest of your makeup.

10. Own your unique features

With age comes wisdom. By now, you must know that aging is simply inevitable. Rather than spending time trying to camouflage the aspects of your skin that you like the least, enhance the features that you love the most! Whether it's your sparkling eyes, your high forehead, a spot of vitiligo or your expressive eyebrows – it's the things that make us unique that make us beautiful!

Finally, don't forget that any good beauty ritual must include makeup removal at day’s end. If you find you have trouble removing makeup from your mature skin, we suggest consulting our tips for super-efficient, yet gentle, makeup removal.


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