October 1, 2022Peptides (vegetable collagen)

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Take care of the planet and your skin by choosing products made with plant-based peptides. They strengthen and protect the skin barrier and moisturize to achieve softer and younger-looking skin.

What is peptides?

Peptides are short strings of amino acids. They are key building blocks for many proteins found in our skin, including collagen, elastin and keratin. Plant-based peptides are a vegan alternative to animal collagen. They imitate the composition of the key amino acids found in animal-based collagen.

The benefits of peptides

Peptides are anti-aging allies that are recognized for their moisturizing properties. They help repair the skin's moisture barrier.

How to use peptides?

Cosmetic products containing peptides can be applied at any time of the day without compromising results. For optimal effect, a serum or cream containing this ingredient should be applied morning and night. Exfoliating the skin before use can help the ingredient penetrate deeper in the skin.

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Where do peptides come from?

They are naturally present in our cells and can also be produced in a laboratory by forming chains of amino acids.

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