Vitamin C
October 1, 2022Vitamin C (ascorbic acid)

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Vitamin C is an essential skin care asset. It unifies complexion, reduces the appearance of brown spots and boosts collagen production. The result is truly radiant skin.

What is vitamin C?

Vitamin C is essential for humans and can be found in certain fruits and vegetables. However, it is highly unstable in the presence of water, UV light and heat.

In cosmetics, vitamin C should be stabilized in order to prevent oxidation and changes in colour or scent. A product that contains unstable vitamin C will lose its efficacy over time. To date, relatively few companies have adopted this costly process.

The benefits of vitamin C

Vitamin C is known to brighten and unify complexion. With daily use, it helps reduce spots and improve the skin's radiance. Clinical studies have shown that stabilized and encapsulated vitamin C evens out skin tone and reduces the number of dark spots on the skin by 40%.*

*study conducted for a cream containing 3% NIO-VSC, 56 days, 2 applications/day, 18 volunteers

How to use vitamin C

Products containing vitamin C can be used daily, risk-free. However, for optimal results, sunscreen should be applied following use before prolonged sun exposure. Indeed, prolonged exposure to the sun can alter the composition of vitamin C and make it less effective over time.
The PHYTO-GLOW line is enriched with stabilized and encapsulated vitamin C to guarantee long-term efficacy. Encapsulation improves the diffusion of vitamin C in the upper layer of skin for optimal performance.

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