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October 1, 2022

Vitamin B5

"One ingredient we all benefit from is Vitamin B5. In skin care, it can soothe sensitive skin by providing better moisture retention and suppleness. Vitamin B5 is a friend to anti-aging skin care or dry skin routines."

What's Vitamin B5?

This vitamin, also called pantothenic acid, is present in most foods. The human being cannot store this vitamin in fat, so it is important to ensure a daily intake. As for the "external" benefits of the human body, it helps the resistance of the skin and the mucous membrane.

The benefits of Vitamin B5

In the beauty industry, vitamin B5 is also known as Provitamin B5. On the skin, products containing this ingredient help protect the layer we call "the epidermis". It has soothing properties on the skin, in addition to eliminating redness related to dryness. The provitamin B5 comes to improve the hydrolipidic film which allows the retention of water and makes the skin flexible. It is therefore a priority in anti-aging routines or for dry skin.

How to use the vitamin B5?

Like most vitamins, B5 is consumable in several forms.

Oil and cream

In these forms, the benefits are mainly in healing and hydration. Vitamin B5 is a precious help to give vigor and a beautiful shine to hair and nails. The same goes for the skin!

Quick tip: It is possible to mix the oil with your current moisturizer. However, it's best to ask about the quantity. For a hazelnut of cream, two drops are sufficient.


This form is the best known. It is possible to take a vitamin B5 tablet after eating to facilitate digestion. The effect of this vitamin in this form is mainly to lower cholesterol and tryglicerin in the blood. It can also help the healing of minor wounds or burns.

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What is the best vitamin for hydration?

Vitamin B5 is the one that is known for the best hydration. It can help the most needy skin.

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Written by Team ATTITUDE

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