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October 1, 2022

Evening Primrose Oil

A natural solution to firm skin, eliminate itching and redness (related to dry skin) is a rare commodity. Fortunately for us, the solution comes in the form of a pretty yellow flower.

What's evening primrose oil?

Evening primrose is a plant with yellow flowers that open in the evening. The seeds are rich in omega-6. Moreover, since it is a fatty oil, it is moisturizing and revitalizing. The extract of the flowers also has the power to firm the skin.

The benefits of evening primrose oil

For dry skin, evening primrose oil is a savior. It relieves the itchiness of dry skin and redness fades until it disappears. For oily skin, the acids contained in evening primrose help to control sebum, and thus, to reduce imperfections.

How to use evening primrose oil?

There are two guidelines that dictate how to use evening primrose.

Evening primrose to be applied to the skin

Evening primrose oil is sometimes used in its raw state, but in most cases, evening primrose oil is an ingredient in a cream, serum or other beauty product

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Is it good for everyone to use evening primrose oil?

Pregnant women who are breastfeeding or children under 12 years of age should not consume evening primrose oil in oral form. On the other hand, the use of evening primrose oil on the skin does not represent a danger.

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Written by Team ATTITUDE

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