October 1, 2022Phytoglycogen

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Ideal for moisturizing, rejuvenating the skin and unifying tone, phytoglycogen is a natural ingredient that's vegan and poses no threat to marine ecosystems.

What is phytoglycogen?

Unlike glycogen, which is typically extracted from marine animals like crustaceans, phytoglycogen is 100% vegan. Excellent moisturizer and radiance enhancer, this ingredient with scientifically proven results is a great asset in skin care products.

The benefits of phytoglycogen

Phytoglycogen offers numerous benefits and is used in both skin care and body products. It is hypoallergenic and specially formulated to minimize the risk of skin reactions.

How to use phytoglycogen?

Vegan and natural phytoglycogen is the star ingredient of the Oceanly skin care line. It reduces signs of aging, soothes dry skin, unifies tone and leaves a lasting moisturizing effect. Phytoglycogen is found in PHYTO-GLOW, PHYTO-AGE, PHYTO-CALM, PHYTO-MATTE and PHYTO-SUN products.

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