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August 10, 20235 tips on how to efficiently remove makeup

We all know efficiently removing makeup is an essential part of any good night routine. Sometimes, however – even after repeatedly cleansing your face – you can be left feeling dissatisfied, thinking you haven’t been able to get rid of each and every bit of makeup.

In this article, we’ll provide you with our best advice on how to efficiently remove makeup so you can sleep with peace of mind (and, of course, a clean face).

Why is it so important to efficiently remove makeup?

Before we get into our tips, let's make something clear: Going to bed with a clean face is a must, and we’re not just saying that for you to avoid smearing your pillowcase.

Over the course of a day, the skin – especially the face’s skin, which is usually the most exposed – accumulates dirt, pollution, sweat and sunscreen. Combined with makeup, these impurities can clog pores and cause blemishes if all are not properly removed by day’s end1.

Not performing your makeup removal routine can also lead to a dull complexion and even contribute to the aging of the skin. In fact, dead skin cell and dirt residue can hamper the skin's natural overnight repair and regeneration process2. Goodbye radiance and suppleness!

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Efficiently removing makeup

So… what are the secrets for efficient makeup removal? Here are five tips that go a long way towards freeing your face of all traces of makeup, and by extension improving those precious hours of sleep.

1. Remove makeup one step at a time.

Start with your eyes, paying special attention to the corners of the eyelids. This area – where mascara, eyeliner and eye shadow often accumulate – is the most difficult area from which to efficiently remove makeup.

If your fingers are not up to the task, use a washcloth (avoid using cotton balls as they often leave a residue). And if it’s becoming akin to warfare as you try to remove your mascara, whatever you do, don't tug on your eyelashes! Add a bit of cleansing milk, moisten your face and then gently press your lashes down with a reusable cotton pad to wipe the mascara away.

Then proceed to your forehead, cheeks, nose (special attention around the nostrils!), jawline and lips.

2. Use a facial cleanser that’s designed to remove makeup

Some cleansers contain a combination of gentle ingredients like glycerine and seaweed extracts which can serve to both hydrate and dislodge impurities. Using a multi-purpose product simplifies your care routine while limiting your consumption.

If you have sensitive skin, an oil-in-milk cleanser is ideal as its three main ingredients – sugar kelp extract, castor oil and bladderwrack extract – gently remove makeup and dislodge impurities while giving your skin an extra dose of hydration.

3. Avoid using makeup removal wipes

We all know that after an exhausting day, or an evening that stretched into the early morning hours, the simplicity of using makeup removal wipes can be very tempting. However, they only wipe away surface makeup without liberating the pores. Makeup removal wipes should only be used when thorough cleansing follows. So it’s really not such a “simple” solution after all, and it’s not the most eco-friendly option either.

Wipes remain practical in those instances when you don’t have access to water. But avoid flushing them down the toilet! Every year, over 11 million wet wipes end up in our wastewater and can take over 100 years to decompose3.

4. Go slowly / Take it easy

There’s no benefit in rushing (or scrubbing too vigorously). One of the most common faux pas made when removing makeup is cleansing or exfoliating too aggressively and as a consequence irritating the skin. Simply apply your makeup remover and then gently massage your face before rinsing. This allows the makeup to gradually break down and makes cleaning easier.

5. Don't forget your hairline

Take the time to tie up your hair and then go over your face’s contours one final time. The area that runs along the hairline is all-too-often neglected by people who want to avoid getting their hair wet before going to bed. This results in a mix of styling products, makeup, impurities and sebum coalescing into an outbreak.

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To find out which skincare products best suit your skin, take our quiz.

Now that your makeup’s been efficiently removed, what’s the next step?

Once or twice a week – after having efficiently removed your makeup – continue with a purifying night routine using a gentle exfoliant formulated with bamboo powder to help refine the skin’s texture and a mineral-rich blue clay mask to effectively cleanse and boost radiance.

After having efficiently removed your makeup and properly cleansed your face is when your skin is best prepared to absorb your products’ nutrients. That’s the perfect time to use the serum with powerful naturally derived ingredients that everyone’s been raving about. Your pores – newly freed from impurities and makeup – will be delighted to soak it all in! Wait a few minutes for the serum to kick in, then finish your night routine by applying an eye cream, a moisturizing night cream and a lip balm. All that’s left is for the wonder of restorative magic to take effect!

Efficiently removing your makeup helps to keep your skin looking healthy and radiant. Those extra couple of minutes added to your night routine could save you a lot of worries… and clogged pores!


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