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October 17, 2023


Seaweed in cosmetics: a powerful vegan ingredient

Seaweed tends to repel us when it grazes our feet on vacation, and we prefer to avoid it. Yet these plants are full of benefits and will certainly be a precious ally in your beauty routine. Seaweed is a rare adaptability on Earth: plants without leaves, stems or roots, they appeared very early in the development of organisms¹. They adapt easily to changes in extreme conditions: tides, wind and UV exposure. Although their composition fascinates us, these plants actually hide far more incredible benefits, particularly in cosmetics.

The use of seaweed in cosmetics

Seaweed can be used in a variety of ways in cosmetics, both as a component and as an active ingredient. Whether brown, red, or green, algae have as many virtues as they do colours. Their composition requires them to develop internal moisturizing capacities, notably to avoid drying out during tides. Overall, they have moisturizing, antioxidants and photo-protective properties².

There are several types of seaweed, each with its own specific benefits, tailored to the skin's specific needs.

Find out more about the incredible benefits of the algae we use:



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Written by Team ATTITUDE

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