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December 12, 2023Dulse Extract

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Palmaria palmata, better known as dulse extract, is characterized by its red colour. This distinctive hue is due to the presence of specific pigments that absorb light in blue and green wavelengths.

What is Dulse extract?

This edible seaweed is found on the Atlantic, English and North Sea coasts. It is not rare to see it in the Canadian Atlantic or on the coastlines of Korea and Japan.In addition to its colour, it is recognized by its membranes of almost 50 cm forming long thin, slightly rough ribbons, and opening like palmate fingers.

The benefits of Dulse extract

Fully edible, Palmaria palmata or dulse is eaten as a vegetable, due to its richness in vitamin C and high fiber content. Its benefits for the skin are also numerous, such as restoring skin suppleness. This clean ingredient according to EWG, is an excellent conditioner for the skin.

How to use Dulse extract?

PHYTO-GLOW skincare products contain Dulse extract, which keeps the skin in good condition. This clean ingredient is great for dry skin and improves its appearance.

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