Sea Crest
December 12, 2023Sea Crest

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The sea crest plays an essential role in the preservation of biodiversity. It serves as a natural habitat and is a source of food for coastal animal species.

What is Sea Crest?

Also known as sea celery, this 30-50cm perennial plant, grows on the rocks of the Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts. Resistant to salt, spray and drought, it can also be grown in gardens close to the sea. You will find it in bloom between July and October in Europe. Although it grows by the sea, it is not an alga, but a halophilic plant, meaning it survives in highly saline environment.

The benefits of Sea Crest

Sea crest is an excellent ingredient for the skin. Rich in phenolic acid, it restores the suppleness of the skin, as it improves their appearance.

How to use Sea Crest?

The Oceanly™ Makeup range is much more than just a beauty range. Our hybrid formulas are enriched with clean ingredients according to EWG, such as sea crest, which revitalizes the skin and keeps it in good condition.

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