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December 12, 2023Ascophyllum

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Did you know that the knotted wrack, scientifically called Ascophyllum nodosum, gets its name from “nodocities”, the small knots found along its stem? It is recognizable by its fringed, flat leaves attached to its central stem.

What is Ascophyllum?

This brown seaweed grows in the Atlantic Ocean and along the entire European coastline. It is between 1 and 2 metres tall and forms twigs with small balls filled with air, which allows it to stand vertically in the water.

The benefits of Ascophyllum

Knotted wrack is a clean ingredient according to the EWG, excellent for dry skins, improving its appearance. This alga is also known to keep the skin in good condition.

How to use Ascophyllum?

There are many uses for this brown seaweed. It is traditionally used in agriculture as fertilizer and natural fertilizer. Also appreciated in the cosmetics industry, we have chosen to use it in PHYTO-OIL face oils for its moisturizing properties.

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