Maris Limus
February 20, 2023Maris Limus Extract

Maris limus is a mud extract, composed of fine particles of marine sediment. It contains active ingredients for facial care.

What is Maris limus?

Maris limus is a mud mixture commonly found in the seabeds. At ATTITUDE, we use the one from the Atlantic Ocean. This mixture is rich in mineral salts and is characterized by a black color and a recognizable smell.

The benefits of Maris limus

It provides essential protective minerals to the skin against the harmful effects of external factors and softens its texture.

How to use Maris limus?

It is an ingredient that is commonly found in many facial treatments such as cleansers, masks, moisturizers and more. It also helps clean pores, which is why it is one of the star ingredients in our Phyto-cleanse Oceanly purifying mask.

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Written by Team ATTITUDE