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March 2, 2023Sensory beauty: making you feel good

A new trend has emerged in the realm of well-being: Sensory beauty has become a part of many daily routines with its products intended to stimulate the senses. Captivating aromas, rich textures and feel-good treatments are being used more frequently to provide the comfort we all need.

This is a trend which – fortunately – is not about to disappear anytime soon, and was the inspiration behind Super leaves™ Essential Oils, our new essential oil skincare line.

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What is “sensory beauty”?

Sensory beauty products are specially designed to awaken the five senses – smell, taste, sight, touch and hearing – to create a new connection between the body and the mind.

We’re talking shower gels, hand soaps, shampoos and conditioners infused with delicious aromatic blends. We’re talking bath bombs that take you back to your childhood. We’re talking facial creams and oils à la texture riche et fondante. with rich and creamy textures.

All designed to boost your mood and promote body positivity by generating pleasant emotions.

Soothing what ails today’s society

You’re not alone wanting to seek comfort on a daily basis: it’s completely normal to want to do so. The pandemic, isolation, war, protests, social media running amok and environmental crises – the last few years have been especially trying for all of us.

The world – our world – needs to slow down and take a deep breath. A survey conducted by the Government of Canada in the spring of 2021 showed that more than a quarter of Canadian adults show signs of depression, anxiety or post-traumatic stress syndrome1.

Many people, when confronted with these symptoms, have turned to the comforts of sensory beauty products. The popularity of these products is due in part to their accessibility and ease-of-use, and although not containing proven medical properties, they can provide very real feelings of well-being and comfort.

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A daily routine that does a world of good

Adopting a daily routine can help reduce stress and anxiety2. This certainly applies to sensory beauty routines. Products infused with essential oils, like those found in the Super leaves™ Essential Oils line, stimulate the sense of smell, which is directly linked to memory and emotions.

The aromatic molecules released by the oils travel from the olfactory nerve to the amygdala (the part of the brain that regulates emotions), to evoke fond memories or create new ones, each as wonderful as the next3.

Benefits of a sensory beauty routine

  • Helps reduce stress and anxiety
  • Generates positive emotions such as inspiration and confidence
  • Creates a body + mind connection
  • Promotes body positivity
  • Boosts one’s mood

By stimulating your senses with a variety of sensory beauty products, a plethora of positive emotions are aroused that help you to start, or finish, your day in a good place.

Beauty tip

Are you aware of plastic-free sensory beauty products?

The Oceanly™ face care and leaves bar™ body care lines provide maximum comfort and radiance, and are available in innovative cardboard packaging. Create your own facial and body care routine based upon your skin’s specific needs to promote relaxation, self-esteem and a sense of body positivity.

Good for the body, the mind and the planet

More and more sensory beauty products are becoming available on the market. However, it’s important to find skincare that, in addition to exciting the senses, does not include ingredients of concern to the EWG.

The new Super leaves™ Essential Oils range offers a complete selection of shampoos and conditioners for every need – including volumizing, hydrating, nourishing and clarifying – along with shower gels and hand soaps, that are EWG VERIFIED™ and formulated with more than 97.9% naturally sourced ingredients.

These products also come in a refillable aluminum bottle to reduce plastic waste, and their irresistible aromas offer four distinct sensory experiences. They smell so good that you’ll feel like you’re at the spa… even while still at home!

Peppermint and sweet orange

Fresh mint and sweet orange aromas will instantly invigorate you.

Emotions: strength, independence, freshness, mindfulness
Colour: lilac

Peppermint and sweet orange super leaves essential Oils ATTITUDE

Petitgrain and jasmine

The woody and floral notes of petitgrain and jasmine provide a deep sense of comfort and captivating energy.

Emotions: calmness, benevolence, gentleness, understanding
Colour: ochre

Petitgrain and jasmine super leaves essential Oils ATTITUDE

Bergamot and ylang-ylang

The tropical, rich and floral aromas of bergamot and ylang-ylang take you far from the everyday.

Emotions: easy-going, upbeat, unbothered, serenity
Colour: green

Bergamot and ylang-ylang super leaves essential Oils ATTITUDE

Patchouli and black pepper

The warm and bold fragrances of patchouli and black pepper provide a boost of confidence.

Emotions: sensuality, confidence, compassion, love
Colour: tangerine

Patchouli and black pepper super leaves essential Oils ATTITUDE

Are you familiar with “synesthesia”?

Synesthesia is an unusual neurological phenomenon: it consists of a remarkable binding of senses in which certain stimuli automatically evoke additional perceptions4. People with this ability can, for instance, hear colours, feel sounds and taste shapes. Montreal synesthetic artist Nelson Henricks has created several immersive works in which the visual and sound editing creates a dynamic musical rhythm all their own.

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about sensory beauty. You can find out about other important and influential trends such as blue beauty and zero waste beauty to continue to take care of yourself… both gently, and kindly.

*Sensory beauty treatments are a good way to relax and to take care of yourself, but they cannot replace psychotherapy and drug therapy. If you think you have a mental health issue, talk about your concerns with your loved ones and consult with specialists.


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