ATTITUDE reinvents beauty with its new makeup line Oceanly Makeup ATTITUDE
May 23, 2023ATTITUDE reinvents beauty with its new makeup line

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It’s finally here. The all-new Oceanly™ plastic-free makeup line will have you, and our planet, glowing with beautiful simplicity.

Oceanly™, reinventing beauty

Plastic-free. EWG VERIFIED™. Formulated with 99% natural origin ingredients*. Offered in biodegradable cardboard packaging. Oceanly™’s new vegan and cruelty-free makeup revolutionizes the standards for a beauty industry that must transform its ways to provide the best for the body, and the best for the planet.

“Our aim at ATTITUDE is to reinvent beauty by offering clean, performance-proven products in eco-innovative packaging. We take pride in being at the forefront of this movement and are thrilled to introduce our new 100% plastic-free makeup line to the world.” – Jean-François Bernier, Chief Executive Officer, ATTITUDE

*Excepté pour les illuminateurs

A natural glowing look made easy

Ludivine Oceanly Makeup ATTITUDE

Put an end to complicated makeup routines and that feeling of heaviness on your skin! The new Oceanly™ beauty line offers lightweight sticks that are designed to create a natural, “no makeup” glowy look. The line includes six shades of foundation and concealer, three shades of bronzer and tinted oil, five shades of blush, three lip glosses and two highlighters that blend perfectly with all skin tones to enhance its natural beauty. Thanks to their creamy texture, all products are incredibly easy to use and allow you to sprinkle some creativity in your daily makeup routine.

“I loved my experience with Oceanly™’s new makeup line! The products create a luminous look while allowing the skin to breathe. Light and easy to use, even for the less experienced, it enhances people’s natural beauty without masking it. In addition to being practical thanks to its format, it is plastic free, vegan, and cruelty free, so what more could you ask for?” – Charlie Manning, professional makeup artist


Natural glowy finish
99.9% natural origin*
Light-coverage foundation made with ingredients that naturally evens skin tone and nourishes the skin.

Tinted oil

Radiant finish
99.9% natural origin*
Lightly tinted oil formulated with active ingredients to create the perfect veil for a “no makeup” look.

Eye concealer

Bright and fresh look
99.9% natural origin*
Light coverage concealer that brightens and refreshes under-eyes while also providing skincare benefits.


Sunkissed glow
+ 99.7% natural origin*
Smooth and blendable bronzing formula that provides a sunkissed glow to all skin tones.


Blush it up
+99.6% natural origin*
Creamy blush that naturally colours the cheeks for a soft flush and a complexion that reflects the light.

Lys Oceanly Makeup ATTITUDE


Glow with it
+94.5% natural origin*
Lightweight highlighter with a balm-like formula that visibly brightens skin for an immediate glow and a lasting glitter effect.

Lip gloss

99.9% natural origin*
Non-sticky gloss that provides the light and shine of a gloss with the soft texture of a balm.

Makeup with skincare benefits

Along with making your natural beauty shine, the Oceanly™ makeup line provides your skin with many benefits! Its EWG VERIFIED™ formulas (i.e. free of any substances of concern) contain science-backed ingredients like phytoglycogen and vegan collagen that nourish the skin and improve its appearance.

Phytoglycogen Oceanly Makeup ATTITUDE

Did you know?

Although its integration into cosmetic products is not yet widespread, phytoglycogen has proven its value. Clinical studies demonstrate visible results within the first six weeks of use, with numerous benefits for all skin types (dry, oily, mature, dull, etc.).

Phytoglycogen is especially renowned for its moisturizing qualities, its ability to enhance radiance, and its capability to reduce signs of aging. Learn more about this skincare all-star and Oceanly™ makeup ingredient here.

Oceanly™ makeup is not tested on animals and does not include titanium dioxide or carmine, which is a red pigment derived from insects.

Packaging that makes a difference

The global cosmetics industry has been concealing a nasty secret: Every year, it produces a staggering 120 billion units of plastic packaging1. To right that wrong, more and more of our skincare products, including the new Oceanly™ makeup line, are offered in eco-innovative packaging. The sleek tubes in which our beauty products are packaged are made with FSC-certified biodegradable cardboard sourced from responsibly managed forests. Even the ink (made from soy), and the protective layer (made from vegetable oil), are gentle on the environment!

Revolutionary Packaging Oceanly Makeup ATTITUDE

Real ingredients, real makeup, real people

Have you seen some of our advertisements in your newsfeed? The faces that we’re showing are the faces of the people who make up our team and our community. To celebrate the arrival of the Oceanly™ vegan makeup line, we’ve decided to honour the natural and unique beauty of the people who are all around us. No filters. No touch-ups. No frills. Only real beautiful people, just like you!

Are you ready to dive into the world of reinvented beauty?

*Except for highlighters

*According to ISO 16128 standards. The remaining ingredients are composed of molecules identical to those found in nature but laboratory manufactured.

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Written by Team ATTITUDE