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Ultimate self-care guide: 23 Wellness Tips

January 3, 2023

Ultimate self-care guide: 23 wellness tips

It’s a new year and the entire planet is making resolutions. But, instead of trying to suddenly change your habits in a radical way, why not take simple self-care actions every day?

Learn more about the different ways of feeling good and discover our 23 best wellness tips.

The 8 areas of wellness

Did you know wellness comes in many shapes? In fact, there are eight areas that you can focus on throughout the year to make yourself feel amazing in your own skin.

The eight areas of wellness are1 :

  1. Psychological – Based on the ability to gain new knowledge and confidence
  2. Physical – Associated with how the body feels and functions
  3. Emotional – Related to emotional ups and downs
  4. Spiritual – Associated with the belief system (not necessarily religious) and values
  5. Social – Based on the feeling of belonging to a community and connection to others
  6. Personal – Related to the sense of accomplishment that comes with fulfilling interests and passions
  7. Professional – Associated with work-related happiness and career goals
  8. Medical – Related to medical evaluations and conditions

Ultimate self-care guide: 23 Wellness Tips Face

23 wellness tips to improve your self-care

Without a doubt, trying to improve every area all at once will put wayyy too much pressure on your shoulders. And, obviously, that’s not what we’re going for here!

The key to improving your self-care is to do so without making it a burden. Choose simple actions that are related to the areas that you want to improve and take them every day.

To help you get going, we’ve compiled our 23 favorite wellness tips.

1. Meditate for five minutes a day

Meditation comes in many different forms and can be practiced anywhere. What matters is that you pause to become aware of your body and the world around you.

The numerous benefits of meditation include stress reduction, anxiety management, strengthening the immune system, sleep improvement, and more2.

2. Read a book

Did you know that, according to research findings from Yale University, people who read at least three and a half hours a week live an average of two years longer than those who don’t read?

Reading is a great way to keep your brain healthy, reduce stress, and increase your creativity3.

3. Start a soothing beauty ritual

No need to overthink things; just stick to the basics: cleanser, face cream and oil. Even easier?

Find the perfect moisturizer for dry skin here and discover this awesome six-step formula to soothe your fragile skin.

Ultimate self-care guide: 23 Wellness Tips Skincare

Can a beauty ritual really help with mental health?

Any form of ritual can help reduce anxiety*4, and your skincare routine certainly is no exception to the rule! In fact, it can:

  1. Offer a form of stability to start your day off on a high note
  2. Provide a warm sense of comfort
  3. Boost your self-esteem and make you fall in love with self-care

Choose products based on your skin’s specific needs and create the best ritual for YOU. 

* In the case of severe health issues, consult a healthcare professional.

4. Call your friends

Spending time with people you love can promote a sense of belonging and security.5.

5. Keep a gratitude journal

Possibly the most feel-good wellness tips of them all: get into the habit of writing down the moments that made you smile during the day so you can keep seeing the bright side of things.

6. Learn something new

Knitting, poetry, jewelry creation, boxing, crochet, hot yoga, flamenco, or whatever floats your boat!


Put your phone away and *truly* enjoy the night.

8. Take a breath of fresh air

It’s been proven: walking among the trees has many positive effects. In fact, tree therapy or sylvotherapy is effective for all types of ailments, both physical and psychological.

Moreso, the phytoncides that are emitted by trees are considered to reduce cortisol levels (the stress hormone) in the body and slow down the heart rate.

Ultimate self-care guide: 23 Wellness Tips Forest

9. Eat more plants and less animals

You will be doing yourself and the planet a favor. In addition to reducing the risks associated with diabetes, heart disease, and stroke6, eating a predominantly plant-based diet can reduce your carbon footprint7.

10. Keep your appointments

You will be much more zen after you go than if you’re stuck having to make space in your calendar to reschedule.

11. Get movin’!

Whether its running, swimming, or dodgeball that gets you going, the important thing is to give your body a chance to spend energy. The endorphins the brain releases during exercise help improve your mood, energy, and sleep levels8.

12. Take a nice warm bath

There’s nothing more soothing for the body and skin during the colder months! Even better? Add some bubbles that smell amazing!

Ultimate self-care guide: 23 Wellness Tips bubble bath

13. Work on your posture

A good posture can save you from having back, neck and head problems, while increasing your energy levels and lung capacity9.

14. Get rid of nasty substances

According to the Environmental Working Group, American women use an average of 12 personal care products a day containing 168 different chemicals that may be associated with various health problems10.

Take a step in the right direction by learning how to choose personal and household products that are free from ingredients of concern according to EWG.

15. Get up from your chair

When you work, take a kit-kat break every 30 minutes to stretch.

16. Stick to your after-work plans

Life is meant to be lived, and self-care is nothing without a proper work-life balance.

17. Get enough sleep

Without a doubt, this is one of the most important wellness tips! The recommended minimum for an adult over 18 years old is 7 hours11.

18. Ask for help when you need it

It’s comforting for you and the person that is lending you a helping hand. In fact, studies show that helping others can contribute to an increased sense of well-being12.

19. Light some candles

Even better if they smell dreamy!

20. Take five deep breaths

Before getting out of bed, after reading a stressful email, before an important meeting, during your youngest child’s meltdown, or every time you accomplish a task on your to-do list…breathe!

According to scientific journalist Isabelle Bergun, breathing consciously in a slow, deep, and controlled manner would help us take better decisions for our well-being, regulate our mood, reduce stress, and even moderate pain related to psychological distress13.

21. Cook your favorite meals

The process can be just as satisfying as the feast!

22. Pour yourself a hot drink

In addition to being soothing, some teas have antioxidant properties14.

23. Watch a good movie or listen a podcast

Watch the snow fall, bundle up and just relax on the couch.

For 2023, we hope you find wellness tips that make you feel great. Daily self-care is the best gift you can give yourself!

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