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September 28, 2023How to create a plastic-free skincare ritual

Switching to a plastic-free skincare routine might seem complicated, perhaps even daunting. How can you possibly replace all those products offered in plastic containers and tubes that you've been loyal to for oh-so-many years? How accessible and affordable are greener alternatives? Will they suit your skin type?

In this article, you'll learn that incorporating skincare that does not produce plastic pollution into your daily routine is not only easy to do but is also a great way to make your natural beauty glow while protecting our planet.

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What is zero plastic waste beauty?

Zero plastic waste skincare products come in eco-innovative packaging that contains – as you have likely already concluded – no plastic. This sort of packaging can be made of biodegradable cardboard, or highly recyclable and easily reusable materials like aluminum.

Why are we hearing more and more about plastic-free skincare? Because it is part of the solution to combat one of the biggest environmental stakes: plastic pollution Since 2015, more than 6.9 billion tons of plastic waste has been produced worldwide – half of which is in the form of packaging. About 9% gets recycled, 12% is incinerated, leaving 79% to accumulate in landfills or in nature’s surroundings1. And the beauty industry must accept its share of responsibility for this major environmental crisis.

Each year, in the United States alone, the beauty industry manufactures 7.9 billion pieces of rigid plastic packaging;ii an ironic, nasty by-product of the layers of makeup we use to camouflage our imperfections. However, aware of the devastating effects of cosmetic waste, some brands are now offering options that are as gentle on the skin as they are on our planet, and some are even available at very affordable prices.

Adopting a plastic-free and vegan skincare routine

The first thing to consider when creating your new zero plastic waste skincare routine is the ingredients. How knowledgeable are you of the contents of the products you are about to use? Ensure the products bear the Environmental Working Group (EWG)’s seal of approval. Since 1993, this non-profit organization has been identifying substances, practices and rules that may pose a risk to human well-being and the environment. When a product bears the EWG VERIFIED™ seal, it means the product can be used with complete peace of mind.

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The second criterion is packaging. Several cool options are available, including super-easy-to-use FSC certified biodegradable cardboard tubes. But watch out: just like us, you might quickly fall in love with solid skincare!

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The third and final consideration is your skin type. Be sure to create a routine that meets your specific needs. Oceanly™ – the world's first complete line of vegan, solid, EWG VERIFIED™ and plastic-free skincare – offers products formulated from more than 94.3% naturally derived ingredients for all skin types:

How to prep your skin for all-day makeup?

Oceanly™ plastic-free skincare is also great for pre-makeup application: Makeup that you intend to have last for the entire day. Simply select the best ones for your skin needs and follow these six easy steps.

1. Gently cleanse

The first step towards an effective plastic-free skincare routine – cleansing – is essential to rid your skin and pores of dirt, oil, and pollution particles that may be lurking. Go with an effective but gentle plastic-free cleanser, such as the PHYTO-CLEANSE solid cleanser which is formulated from laminaria digitata extract; algae with revitalizing properties; peptides to replenish your skin's moisture barrier; and glycerin to maintain its natural hydration. And for delicate skin, this solid oil-in-milk cleansing stick enriched with castor oil is ideal.

2. Regularly exfoliate

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Exfoliate your face once a week to prevent dirt from accumulating in the pores underneath your makeup. The dead cells that remain on the surface of your skin can darken your complexion! Try this plastic-free exfoliant that’s made using clean, EWG-approved ingredients to improve your skin's texture and tone.

3. Apply serum

To best prepare your skin for all-day makeup, don’t forget to use serum! Known as the most concentrated and powerful of beauty treatments, serum is used along with day and night creams to reinforce their effectiveness while offering immediate and lasting results. The radiance that serum provides also makes it possible to use lighter and more breathable makeup. Apply serum to slightly damp skin in the morning and evening and your skin will have all the nutrients and hydration it requires.

4. Properly hydrate

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All skin types, even oily ones, need hydration. A good plastic-free face moisturizer makes it easier to apply makeup, which can sometimes pill on dry skin.

Beauty tip

If your concealer is nestling into the fine lines located under your eyes, then consider adding an eye cream to your plastic-free skincare routine. Formulated with phytoglycogen known to help reduce the signs of aging and smooth the skin, PHYTO-AGE eye cream gives the eye’s contour a revitalized appearance and a feeling of rejuvenation.

5. Consider using a makeup base

A makeup base can be especially effective if you have combination or oily skin. To set your makeup – foundation, concealer, bronzer and highlighter – use a good makeup base that effectively absorbs excess oil. PHYTO-MATTE day cream contains arrowroot powder and acts as both a moisturizer and a makeup base. It’s a super-practical 2-in-1 treatment that guarantees less shine and more glow!

6. Never forget lip balm

To avoid having cracked lips beneath your lipstick, first apply a plastic-free moisturizing balm that’s made from nourishing ingredients like shea butter and coconut oil.

In addition to adopting a plastic-free skincare routine, there are plenty of simple and easy things you can do to help fight plastic pollution. Here are eight that you can do right now!

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