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Fall makeup looks for 2023 Oceanly Makeup ATTITUDE

November 9, 2023

Fall makeup looks for 2023

Check out our plastic-free and vegan makeup line that’s perfect for creating the trendiest fall looks.

New season. New trends. As the temperature starts to drop and the leaves begin to fall, our quest for warmth extends even to our makeup selection. Discover the brown hues, creamy textures and soft glows that characterize this cooler season.

Continue reading to find out about the three most popular fall makeup looks for 2023.

Before you get started!

The first consideration in every makeup tutorial is moisturizing: Moisturizing prevents having that annoying feeling of tightness and ensures your skin is well-hydrated beneath your makeup. Whatever look you’re seeking, use a serum that evens out skin tone and a mattifying cream that acts as a moisturizer and as a makeup base. Voilà! Now you’re ready to get started.

1. The latte makeup look

As its name implies, latte makeup is inspired by the colour of a delicious – and soothing – latte. This look emphasizes sculpted facial contours using bronzers and shades of brown eyeshadow for a subtly sultry look. Here's how to achieve this fall makeup look:

  1. Highlight the contours of your face by applying a bronze-coloured highlighter to your upper forehead, cheekbones, jaw bone and chin.
  2. Apply a warm shade of bronzer to the top of your forehead, cheekbones, and sides of your nose, and then blend it along your eyelids’ contours to create a cat's eye effect. Next, pat on the bronzer by using a large brush to get a perfectly blended result.
  3. Now apply the foundation of your choice precisely to the areas where you did not apply bronzer. Blend the foundation using a large brush.
  4. Apply concealer under your eyes by drawing an inverted triangle, as well as drawing a thin line from your eyes’ outer corners to your eyebrows’ outer ends. This will help you create the perfect eye makeup. Blend using a small brush.
  5. Lock your makeup in place by using a fine translucent powder. The result should be more of a matte look than a shimmery one.
  6. Line your eyes’ undersides and upper corners as well as the top of your eyelids with a café-au-lait coloured pencil.
  7. Apply caramel-coloured matte eyeshadow on your eyelids as well as beneath your eyes. Then, using your fingertips, add a touch of bronze eyeshadow to the centre of your eyelids and your eyes’ inner corners to create an impeccable result.
  8. Now use your choice of mascara for your eyelashes.
  9. Feel free to add a bit of bronzer to the contours of your face if you feel that the powder and foundation have toned things down too much.
  10. To finish off, use a mocha-coloured pencil to outline your lips. Blend it with your fingertips onto the inside of your lips, and then cover with a brownish lip gloss.

Makeup Trends Latte Look Oceanly Makeup ATTITUDE

2. The cloud skin look

Cloud skin was huge this summer and continues to impress as one of the most coveted fall makeup looks. Exquisitely combining a matte finish with a discreet lustre, it reminds us of fluffy clouds that reveal a few rays of bright sunlight. It’s literally the epitome of soft glam.

The key to having successful cloud skin is to hydrate your skin (see the benefits of mattifying cream’s at the beginning of this article) and applying makeup in thin layers. Here are the specifics:

  1. Apply a very pale peach (nearly white) eye shadow across your eyelids, then a subtle mocha shade on the edges and tops of your eyelids. Next, reapply the peach eye shadow to the interiors of your eyelids.
  2. Using a brown pencil or brown eye shadow applied with a brush, draw a wing on the outer corners of your eyes.
  3. Apply a thin layer of concealer sous les yeux ainsi que sous l’aile que vous venez de tracer afin d’illuminer votre regard. Estompez doucement le cache-cernes à l’aide d’un petit pinceau.
  4. Apply a thin layer of neutral foundation to your entire face, blending it with a large brush. Reapply a bit of concealer underneath your eyes if deemed necessary.
  5. Set your makeup with a translucent loose powder. Only apply a small amount at a time, using a small brush. Make sure to apply a little more on the areas of your face that tend to be oily (forehead, sides of the nose, and chin).
  6. Apply a small amount of bronzer to your cheekbones using a large brush. Use circular movements to blend it in and to ultimately achieve a very discreet look.
  7. Choose a creamy blush Apply it to your cheekbones using the same circular motions as you did with the bronzer.
  8. Now use your preference of mascara for your eyelashes.
  9. Using a sponge, reapply a bit of translucent powder to your entire face, including your cheekbones to create a veiled effect.
  10. Finish up by outlining your lips with a pale brown pencil. Blend it with your fingertips onto the inside of your lips, then apply a silky pink lip gloss.

Makeup Trend Cloud Skin Look Oceanly Makeup ATTITUDE

Has blush gone out of fashion?

Makeup Trend blush Oceanly Makeup ATTITUDE

Au contraire! Blush is making a comeback with the emergence of cream and stick options, along with the proliferation of various application techniques. If some looks – such as latte makeup – tend to be more focused on bronzer, there are others like cloud skin, the popular "no makeup makeup" and even the radiant rose look that rely heavily upon blush. Some looks have even expanded the use of blush to include the forehead, temples and nose.

3. The sunshine effect

With daylight hours diminishing in autumn, it's completely understandable to want to brighten up your daily life. To regain your summer shine that tends to disappear with the arrival of fall, opt for sun-kissed makeup or makeup that exudes a sunny look to bring out your skin’s natural radiance. Think of Zendaya or Ashley Graham: Healthy-looking with a perfect glow.

Makeup Trend sun-kissed effect Oceanly Makeup ATTITUDE

The sunshine effect is super-easy to achieve with the Sun-kissed kit. And to make your life a tad easier, we’ve created a short video tutorial that details each step to get your desired result.

For more details on this fall makeup look, please check out How to get a sun-kissed makeup look.

And finally, after you’ve impressed everyone with your perfect execution of these fall makeup looks, don't forget to properly remove your makeup at the end of each day. Use a gentle cleanser which – in addition to liberating your skin from accumulated impurities – provides a good dose of hydration thanks to a combination of ingredients like glycerine and algae extracts.

Your skincare routine is just as important as your makeup is (if not even more so) to ensure your natural beauty shines through.

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Written by Team ATTITUDE

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