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July 13, 2023Expert advice on how to have glowing skin this summer

Summer’s here, and you’re dreaming of having skin that’s as radiant as the sun. Yet with daily stress, sleep deprivation, smog and extreme heat, it’s no easy feat to maintain a glowing complexion. But there’s encouraging news! All that’s required is a little TLC and a good ritual for your skin to achieve that glow this summer.

To get that sought-after glow, it’s important to understand why your skin looks dull. Contributing factors can include an accumulation of dead skin cells, dryness, a lack of nutrients and poor lifestyle choices. The following tips will help to combat these issues and regain naturally glowing skin.

1. Get to know your skin

All skin types can exude radiance. To take care of your skin, it is important to get to know it well. Determining your skin type – dry, sensitive, combination or oily – will enable you to choose which products best meet your needs. It’s possible that your skin type may change depending on the season: In summer, for instance, the effect of the heat could make your skin oilier and require lighter care.

2. Gently cleanse and exfoliate your face

Whether it’s summer or winter, it’s best to start your glowing skin routine by cleansing your face daily with a gentle treatment containing no ingredients of concern according to the Environmental Working Group (EWG).

This will help to liberate your skin’s dead cells. Some cleansers – which can be irritating – might dry skin out by stripping away the essential elements that make up its moisture barrier, and this can result in a darkening complexion. Then – twice a week – use an exfoliant made with naturally derived ingredients and massage the skin, without rubbing it, to loosen dead cells.

Regular and gentle exfoliation with the bamboo powder present in the PHYTO-CLEANSE exfoliator can also help refine the skin’s texture and brighten its complexion.

3. Treat yourself to a purifying mask

Expert Advice for Glowing Skin in Summer Mask Oceanly ATTITUDE

Pampering your skin once or twice a week with a good purifying mask can help enhance the face’s radiance as well as providing a welcoming feeling of freshness. It’s a must-do, especially with the intense smog we’ve been experiencing this summer.

Opt for a mask formulated with ingredients considered to be healthy by the EWG: blue clay, which effectively cleans, and dead sea mud extract, which provides essential protective minerals. You’ll keep your radiant complexion that much longer!

Pro tip 👍

If you have very dry skin, don’t use a purifying mask and an exfoliator concurrently. The combination could cause havoc to your skin! Instead, we recommend alternating from week to week for best results.

4. Don’t cut corners when it comes to hydration

Expert Advice for Glowing Skin in Summer Cream Oceanly ATTITUDE

As mentioned earlier, dryness is one of the main causes of dull-looking skin. Skin that is lacking in moisture and nutrients tends to look paler. Depending upon your skin type, your glowing skin routine should include a cream and serum that protects your natural moisture barrier or rebalances your oil production.

And – yes! – oily skin can also need hydration and nourishment. In this scenario, choose lighter and matifiants products that can absorb excess sebum.

5. Phytoglycogen = unparalleled hydration

Expert Advice for Glowing Skin in Summer Phytoglycogen Oceanly ATTITUDE

Phytoglycogen’s numerous virtues have led it to be nicknamed the “beautiful skin ingredient” . It’s the entirely vegan version of glycogen, which is a molecule that is naturally present in the body. When incorporated into skin care, phytoglycogen provides long-lasting hydration, diminishes aging signs and, indeed, revives a dull complexion that leads to glowing skin.

6. Use stabilized and encapsulated vitamin C for an instant glow

Expert Advice for Glowing Skin in Summer Vitamin C Oceanly ATTITUDE

Encapsulated and stabilized vitamin C is recognized for its ability to illuminate and unify a complexion. Combining the power of phytoglycogen and vitamin C, this routine for radiant skin is composed of four treatments that are ideal for giving your skin a radiance boost.

7. Never forget your sunscreen

Expert Advice for Glowing Skin in Summer Phyto-Sun Oceanly ATTITUDE

Most people enjoy suntanning, and of course, it goes a long way towards developing a radiant look. Make the best of beautiful summer weather by taking all the necessary precautions to protect your skin from UV rays (which dry out the skin and are the main cause of premature skin aging)1.

Wear protective clothing, avoid exposure to the sun between 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m., seek out shaded areas and wear effective sunscreen, – preferably zinc oxide-based – every day. This mineral sunscreen creates a physical barrier so the skin can repel the sun’s harmful rays . And for an instant boost, go for a Solid Tinted Cream SPF 15.

8. Use hybrid makeup

Expert Advice for Glowing Skin in Summer Makeup Oceanly ATTITUDE

Have you heard of products that are halfway between makeup and skincare? They’re what we refer to as “hybrid makeup.” For instance, the Oceanly™ line of makeup sticks incorporates ingredients like phytoglycogen and plant collagen that provide benefits to the skin throughout the day. What a great way to regain glowing skin!

The creamy and super-light texture of Oceanly™ makeup results in an easy application process, creating a more discreet, uniform and luminous effect than powder makeup. Unsure where to start? Take a look at this tutorial for sun-kissed makeup or try the On-the-Glow kit.

A routine for a radiant summer look courtesy of Charlie, a professional makeup artist: 🙂

“To create an unparalleled glow, I start by cleansing my face with oil-in-milk for sensitive skin. Then I use the PHYTO-GLOW line to create extra oomph. I use the serum, followed by eye cream before applying tinted facial oil for a natural, sun-kissed finish. To freshen up my look, I add bronzer to my cheekbones, nose and forehead. I finish with my go-to’s that provide a touch of color to my makeup: Happy Berry cream blush stick and Golden Rose highlighter. »

Expert Advice for Glowing Skin in Summer Highlighter Oceanly ATTITUDE

9. Take care of yourself

Finally, going beyond the products, consider your lifestyle. Without stressing yourself out by adhering to a strict diet or depriving yourself of beautiful summer evenings, try to slightly adjust your rituals to look after both your body and your mind. Your skin will be ever so appreciative.

Shine bright with your gorgeous glowing skin!



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