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October 5, 202310 tips to regain your glowing skin

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With the arrival of cold weather rapidly approaching, our skin – much like the days – tends to lose its luminosity. Dehydrated and dry, it can quickly become dull when it doesn’t receive proper care.

Here are 10 steps to help keep your naturally glowing skin all year round!

Why does my skin have a dull complexion?

Glowing skin is the ultimate indicator of hydrated skin. However, several factors can steal the radiance from your face, including dehydration, dryness, cold wind, pollution, lack of sleep, poor diet, overexposure to the sun, and of course, a beauty ritual that is not adapted to your skin type.

How to get your glow back

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No need to panic. This happens to everyone, particularly in the fall and winter. When your skin is dull, this usually means there’s something missing from your daily life. Luckily, there are several small adjustments that can be made to your routine to help you regain your glowing skin.

    1. Search for brightening vegan skincare ingredients

      Vegan ingredients Oceanly ATTITUDE

      Be sure to choose some that are made with EWG-approved and naturally sourced ingredients.

      • Stabilized and encapsulated vitamin C that helps even out skin complexion.
      • Phytoglycogen, a plant-based ingredient that helps revive your skin’s natural radiance. Now one of the most coveted ingredients in skincare, phytoglycogen can be found in all Oceanly products, a new and revolutionary plastic-free face care line.

    1. Gently cleanse your skin

      The essential first step in any good, vegan beauty routine is cleansing. This rids your skin and pores of dirt, sebum, and pollutants that cause dull-looking skin. Choose an effective, yet gentle, cleanser.

      To avoid this discomfort, select a product containing ingredients known for their skin-moisturizing properties. The PHYTO-CLEANSE solid face cleanser is a great example. It’s formulated with Laminaria digitata, an algae with revitalizing properties, peptides that replenish the moisture barrier, and glycerin that helps maintain natural hydration. And, best of all, it’s ideal for all skin types.

      Beauty tip

      Massage your face!

      When you cleanse your face, massage your forehead and cheeks in a circular motion. This will increase blood flow and energize your skin naturally.

    1. Go from dull to dazzling with a serum

      Do you get irritated when you’re hungry? So does your skin. When it lacks nutrients and moisturization, it loses its radiance. Try again, but this time include a serum to your vegan ritual!

      The PHYTO-GLOW solid face serum, which should be applied morning and evening on slightly damp skin, relies on the fusion of four powerful ingredients: stabilized and encapsulated vitamin C to help even out skin tone and reduce pigment spots1, phytoglycogen to boost skin radiance, Canadian dulse extract, an algae that is known for its ability to restore suppleness, and provitamin B5 to keep your face looking healthy and bright.

      This premium face cocktail is THE ideal choice to regain your glowing skin!

    1. Be generous with the moisturizer

      The serum should not replace your moisturizer. Day and night, after cleansing your face and applying your magical serum, pamper yourself with day and night creams that are just right for your skin type. And what should you do if you haven’t discovered the ideal moisturizer? Take this short quiz and discover exactly what your skin needs.

      In short, the better you moisturize your skin, the better it will look and feel! Also, consider brightening your look by choosing a cream designed specifically to invigorate the area around the eyes.

      The ultimate glowing skin ritual

      day routine to regain your glowing skin. night routine to regain your glowing sking

    1. Exfoliate your skin regularly

      As mentioned earlier, a dull complexion can be caused by the particles of dead skin cells that remain on the surface, so it’s important that you exfoliate your face thoroughly once a week. In this step, make sure you use clean and gentle ingredients.

      The opposite could dry out your skin and trigger an overproduction of sebum that can also lead to dull complexion. Not exactly the result we’re going for here! Use a revolutionary solid face scrub that is made with bamboo powder to improve your skin’s texture and restore the glow you’re used to.

    1. Purify your face with a mask

      woman using a mask to regain her glowing skin.

      Do you have plans for the evening and want to enhance your glow? Try using a purifying mask – one that will give you an instant boost in radiance and a fresh-feeling face.

    1. Wear sunscreen every day

      Every. Single. Day. In fact, dull-looking skin can be linked to sun damage. That’s why it’s so important to always protect your face using EWG-approved and effective sunscreen. Did you use vitamin C skincare? Then this step is even more important as the sun can change the active properties of vitamin C, depriving your skin from its numerous benefits.

    1. Switch to a diet that is rich in antioxidants

      Changing to a healthier diet can have several positive effects on the body, particularly on the skin. Thanks to their antioxidant properties, miracle foods like berries, grapes, broccoli, pecans, walnuts, and other foods that are rich in polyphenols2 can help you regain your glow and protect your skin from external factors that result in dullness.

    1. Lock in your glow with dry oil

      Made with precious argan oil, this dry oil will become your secret weapon when your skin needs a little extra TLC. Use it morning and evening in the winter or in the evening only in the summer to help your skin preserve its natural moisture – and beauty.

  1. Take shorter showers

    How water and steam can open up your pores and help your body release toxins. However, staying too long in the shower – even if it’s the most comfortable and relaxing thing after a long day – can dry out the skin and strip it of its natural moisture.

    After a few minutes in the shower, quickly rinse yourself with cold water, as this will help stimulate blood circulation and give you the boost needed to start or end your day on the right note!

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