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February 23, 202410 recommended ingredients for vegan body lotion


There are (so) many moisturizing body lotions in the market: How can you know which ones are any good? Before choosing your next lotion, you’ll want to find out which ingredients are most beneficial for your skin.     


Why do body lotion ingredients matter? 


Whether it’s to moisturize your skin, to relax after a shower, or for enjoying its soothing aromas, you should be able to apply body lotion with complete peace of mind. 


According to a survey conducted for the Environmental Working Group (EWG), the products an adult uses daily can – on average – contain up to 112 chemical substances, many of which are harmful to human health. [1] That’s why it’s important to take note of the ingredients that are contained in the shampoos, deodorants, facial care products and body lotions – even vegan lotion – that we use! 

Also, by choosing your body lotion’s ingredients more wisely you’ll be able to obtain better results that are more tailored to your needs. 


What ingredients should be in your body lotion? 


A good body lotion should be made from nourishing, naturally sourced and clean ingredients according to the EWG. Also keep in mind your skin type: Dry? Normal? Sensitive to perfumes? A simple analysis of your needs will help you select the right ingredients and, ultimately, the ideal product. 


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Here are 10 effective, nutrient-packed ingredients that will help you preserve your skin’s hydration, softness and radiance.


1. Coconut oil


    Revitalizes and softens dry skin while keeping it in good condition. 


    2. Argan oil

      Rich in vitamin E and omega-3 and 6. Nourishes and protects skin in addition to being known for its skin-softening benefits. 


      3. Shea butter


        Hyper-nourishing. High content of vitamins A, E and F. Known for its skin-softening and soothing properties. 


        4. Avocado oil


          Improves the appearance of dry skin. Helps to preserve moisture. 


          5. Watercress extract


            Rich in vitamins and mineral salts. Revitalizes skin and restores suppleness. 


            6. Indian cress extract


            Improves the appearance of dry skin. Keeps skin in good condition. 


            7. White tea leaves


              Best known for protective properties. High vitamin and mineral salt content helps protect skin from external factors. 


              8. Olive leaves


              Known for soothing and restorative properties. 


              9. Red vine leaves


              Provides pleasant freshness to skin. Act as a toner, making skin firmer. 


              10. Orange leaves 


              Rich in vitamin C. Revitalizes skin and improve its appearance. 


              These wonders of nature, along with other ingredients considered safe by the EWG, can be found in ATTITUDE vegan body lotions. 


              For adults: Super leaves™ or oatmeal sensitive natural 

              For pregnant women: Blooming belly™ 

              For children: little leaves™ 

              For babies: baby leaves™ 



              Which ingredient in lotion makes skin soft?

              There are several naturally sourced ingredients that can make skin soft. The most common are coconut oil and shea butter, while argan oil is also in the mix. A combination of these three ingredients – plus a skin massage – is ideal if your primary concern is your skin’s texture!



              What are the go-to ingredients for sensitive skin?


              People with delicate skin or who suffer from itchy dry skin – whether year-round or only during the winter months – can find relief with an oatmeal based body lotion. Oatmeal with its numerous benefits – nourishes and softens skin in addition to soothing dryness-related itching sensations. You could even consider using an oatmeal shower gel as it has cleaning and emulsifying properties! 


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              Chamomile, with its amazingly soothing properties, also works wonders for delicate skin. That’s right: Like a warm late-night herbal tea, chamomile vegan body lotion also has comforting effects. This one combines oats and chamomile: A dream come true. 


              If your skin reacts negatively to your body lotion, it could be caused by its scent. The best thing to do is to opt for a fragrance-free lotion. 


              If you notice that your delicate skin is in need of extra TLC, treat it to a luxurious dry body oil or body butter. Both filled with nutrients and richer than a body lotion, they can be especially effective – and soothing – when it’s extremely cold outside. 

              The unsung benefits of aromas in body lotions  


              While body lotions are used to nourish and moisturize skin, they are also an integral part of any well-being routine, namely due to the aromas they contain. By stimulating the sense of smell – which is directly linked to memory and emotions – the aromatic molecules released by a lotion can create a bond between body and mind, thereby enhancing one’s mood.[2] This is the principle of “sensory beauty”: A self-care trend that has recently emerged with products that are specially designed to awaken the senses. 


              Unless your skin requires fragrance-free lotion or you’re sensitive to odours, you can also choose your body lotion based upon its aroma and the emotions that it evokes. 


              There you have it! Now all that’s left for you to do is find the right vegan body lotion! And remember: The ideal time to apply body lotion is right after getting out of the bath or shower when your skin is ready to absorb all those fabulous ingredients! 




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