January 3, 2024Lemon leaves

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Did you know that lemons can be enjoyed all year round? The lemon tree blooms several times a year (up to four times), much to the delight of lovers of this deliciously tart fruit¹.

What is Lemon leaves?

The exact geographical origin of the lemon tree is still a matter of debate within the scientific community. The consensus is that the tree originated between China and India, in the Kashmir region. It is thought to have originated from a cross between the citron and the bitter orange² over 2,000 years ago.

The benefits of Lemon leaves

The benefits of lemon are widely recognized, and lemon leaves offer equally impressive benefits. This clean ingredient, according to EWG, is rich in antioxidants, and its captivating aroma gently enhances the fragrance of cosmetic products.

How to use Lemon leaves?

Lemon leaves extract is used in our Super Leaves™ range for its invigorating properties. Our vegan body care products bring freshness to your routine thanks to this ingredient.

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Written by Team ATTITUDE