Indian Cress Extract
December 12, 2023Indian Cress Extract

Indian cress extract is an ingredient rich in vitamin C and mineral salts. This plant has orbicular leaves, round lobes with long petioles and beautiful petals of bright red or orange-yellow color. The purifying and toning virtues are of Indian cress are obtained by extracting the compounds present in its leaves and flowers, which are then incorporated into the skin care products.

What is Indian cress extract?

The Indian cress, native to Peru, can reach up to 2-3 meters in height and can be picked throughout the summer season. The Indian cress can be grown on a variety of soils, but it especially thrives on rich, moist lands. It is valued for its vibrant and edible flowers, which can add a decorative touch to a garden or be used in salads and culinary dishes. Its leaves can also be consumed raw or cooked and have a slightly peppery flavor.

The benefits Indian cress extract

Reputed as “the hair herb”, Indian cress extract is known for its purifying and toning properties. This plant provides a variety of benefits to the epidermis such as keeping it in good condition while restoring its suppleness. It also improves the appearance of dry skin and revitalizes the hair.

How to use Indian cress extract?

This ornamental flower is used in many body care products. The name of the Super Leaves collection comes from its star ingredient, Indian cress extract, which is known to provide the ultimate blissful experience for hair and skin.

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