Blueberry Leaf
December 12, 2023Blueberry Leaf

There was once a popular belief that blueberries were an ingredient that enhanced night vision. British soldiers in the air force consumed it in abundance in the form of jelly, believing it would enhance their vision during night attacks. However, although this idea is only a myth, this fruit has many other beneficial and exceptional properties.

What is Blueberry leaf?

The wild blueberry is a small shrub, rarely exceeding 60cm in height. Native to Europe and Asia, it grows mainly in mid-mountain regions. It is also widely cultivated in North America, where the fruit is highly prized. More than half the world's blueberries are grown in Canada and the United States.

The benefits of Blueberry leaf

Blueberry leaf (Vaccinium Myrtillius) makes skin firmer and keeps it in good condition. This ingredient is a hydro-retainer, meaning it retains the water contained in your skin and restores its suppleness.

How to use Blueberry leaf?

Delicious in pie, blueberries are also packed with nutrients for your skin and hair. Blueberry leaf extract is one of the star ingredients in the LITTLE LEAVES™ range, known for its benefits on dry, sensitive skin, like the kids one. You'll also find it in our Ultra Gentle Super Leaves™ shampoo, protecting hair from external factors.

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