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October 1, 2022

Bamboo Powder

Nature is a well of possibilities and beneficial products for the skin. Bamboo powder regulates sebum to avoid overproduction for beautiful matte skin.

What's bamboo powder?

As its name expresses, bamboo powder comes from bamboo. It is a white powder that is obtained from the stem and leaves of the plant. The ingredient has many benefits, including purifying.

The benefits of bamboo powder

This powder is the ally of oily or blemished skin. In fact, in various facial care products, bamboo powder absorbs excess sebum to give a soft, matte result on the skin. It also helps to regulate the sebaceous glands.

How to use this powder?

There are two main ways to use bamboo powder to see results.

  1. Mix it with your beauty products:

    You can take the powder and incorporate it into your shampoo, moisturizer and the benefits will be seen in the areas of application.

  2. A great exfoliant:

    Bamboo powder is an exfoliant that can be applied to the entire body for excellent results. You can also mix the powder with your regular exfoliator, but make sure to dissolve the powder well so as not to damage your skin.

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Is bamboo powder recommended for sensitive skin?

Yes, in fact, bamboo powder in exfoliators is gentler on the skin than the plastic beads that are commonly used. It helps the natural restoration of the skin and is excellent for skin with blemish problems.

Doesn't it help deforest the bamboo forests?

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing grasses. However, be aware that many endangered animals reside in bamboo forests. So, be sure to encourage companies that use bamboo from forests that have an industrial purpose.

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Written by Team ATTITUDE

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