The ATTITUDE soothing bedtime routine for babies with natural baby care
August 30, 2022The ATTITUDE soothing bedtime routine for babies

We know it all too well: precious hours of restful sleep are rare for parents… but when baby sleeps soundly, we can finally enjoy moments of real relaxation. That's why we thought about concocting you a little baby bedtime routine filled with simplicity with the help of our products for the little ones, so that you can fully enjoy moments of bonding with baby before he slips into sleep with ease.

  1. Enjoying bath time

    ATTITUDE Natural Baby Care
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    Bathing our little ones is not only an essential part of babies bedtime routine, it can also be fun and enjoyable for everyone. No need to tell you to use lukewarm water instead of hot water, in order to preserve baby's fragile hydrolipidic barrier and thus protect his skin. You can add a few drops of soothing bubble bath to relax your little one ... and make them laugh a bit, because what child doesn't like foam?

    To wash baby, you can use a practical 2 in 1 product, which can serve as a cleansing gel or body wash and shampoo at the same time. When we are parents, we know fully well that products that have several different uses can simplify our life! And when these same products only contain EWG Verified™ ingredients, it’s simply a dream come true! We especially like those with a soothing natural fragrance, like our 2 in 1 Shampoo and Cleansing Gel with almond milk.

    Finally, we make sure to dry baby off with a soft, padded towel, previously washed with a non-irritating laundry soap that is recommended for sensitive skin. Then, we delicately massage our little one with a suitable moisturizing lotion, to prevent him from suffering from dry itchy skin.

  2. Making sure baby is dry & cozy

    ATTITUDE Natural Baby Care

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    Now is the time to put your baby in a diaper, but we all know things aren't that simple! For the best diaper changing experience, you first need an atmosphere that is free of bad odors! If throwing diapers in a lidded bin and disposing of them as soon as possible isn't enough, get an air purifier with a sweet, natural fruity fragrance that will help filter out unwanted smells.

    Baby wasn’t able to hold back between the bath and the changing table? Don't panic, these things happen. We are calling our biodegradable cleaning wipes to the rescue, for a quick and efficient wash! Then, we moisturize our little one's buttocks with a hypoallergenic zinc-based diaper cream that will protect his delicate skin.

    And now: the final touch! We put baby in a nice, well-fitted diaper, designed with a high percentage of biodegradable ingredients to reduce our environmental waste. We favor diapers without perfume, dye, chlorine and that are also hypoallergenic.

  3. Getting baby warm & sleepy

    ATTITUDE Natural Baby Care

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    Okay! Now that baby is sure to stay dry, all that remains is to bundle him up in his pajamas and put him to bed. Whether our little one is co-sleeping with us or sleeping alone in his crib, it is important to wash his bedding (or ours) as well as his cute night clothes with laundry products that will not irritate him.

  4. Getting baby to sleep with a sweet lullaby

    ATTITUDE Natural Baby Care

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    Once baby is all comfy and cozy in our arms or in the cradle, we can read him a story, sing him a soft lullaby or listen to relaxing classical music to facilitate sleep for our little one… and for us! Need inspiration? Explore our thematic sleep playlist on Spotify!

We hope that those precious baby bedtime routine minutes become one of your favorite times of the day, and that your whole family enjoys a deep, restful sleep. If you still have energy, discover our recommendations to choose the best baby body care products. Otherwise, good night!

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Written by Team ATTITUDE