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August 3, 2023Sweet almond oil: say “goodbye” to baby’s dry skin

What is sweet almond oil?

Sweet almond oil is a topical emollient that helps to temporarily relieve dry skin1.

Hmmm… that definition might be a bit tough to grasp. No worries, we’ll simplify things! An emollient is a substance that smooths and softens the skin2. Topical means that sweet almond oil is ideal for being used on skin. Sweet almond oil is also found in lotions that are used to nourish dry skin. It’s hydrophobic and limits dehydration, reducing the skin’s roughness3. Easy-peasy. Let's now take a closer look at sweet almond oil’s composition.

What is sweet almond oil made of?

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Sweet almond oil is naturally rich in fatty acids and vitamins and is extracted by cold pressing4. The main components of sweet almond oil – and their properties – are:

Fatty acids: oleic acid (omega-9) and linoleic acid (omega-6)5

Part of the skin barrier function, linoleic acid is an important ingredient that is beneficial for all skin types. It’s also a lipid that is part of sebum’s composition and has comedogenic properties (therefore, it is often not recommended for oily skin)6.

Even though there are times we might want to be rid of it, it’s an important substance because it retains the water that is naturally present in the skin. Also, the omega-9 that is present in the sweet almond oil formula is a so-called “lipid-replenishing” ingredient that repairs the “hydro-lipid film” skin barrier.

Vitamin E

The vitamin E found in sweet almond oil intercepts harsh compounds caused by UV rays, therefore fighting off skin aging as well as reducing and smoothing wrinkles7. Vitamin E also promotes cell protection and skin regeneration. And it helps improve the structure of the skin's surface, making it smoother and helping to increase the skin's ability to retain water so it stays hydrated longer. At this stage, you’ve got to be impressed… aren’t you?

What’s the difference between almond oil and sweet almond oil?

In a nutshell, classic almond oil and sweet almond oil are two different ingredients and are not both found in the same types of products. Almond oil is known as a “volatile essential oil” because it evaporates and is generally used in beauty products due to its fragrance. Conversely, sweet almond oil does not evaporate, which is why it is frequently used in skincare products such as creams and balms for the face or body8.

What are sweet almond oil’s benefits?

Sweet almond oil is both nourishing and softening, especially due to its fatty acids and vitamins, and is regularly used to relieve and soothe tightness associated with dry skin. Its benefits include:

  • Keeping skin in good condition
  • Improving the appearance of dry skin
  • Restoring skin suppleness
  • Delaying water evaporation on the skin’s surface, therefore increasing the skin’s water content
  • Highly nourishing and moisturizing properties

Almond oil: The magic ingredient that comes to the rescue of a baby’s dry skin

Although we may experience dry skin throughout our lives, when dry skin happens to our baby, our protective mommy instincts are seriously put to the test. When a baby initially encounters the outdoors, their skin may become dry, with redness, itching and patches of dryness ensuing. This is partly due to infants being born with a thin layer of fat, combined with water produced and replenished by sebaceous glands that are less productive in infants. This less frequent replenishment can cause dryness and lead to peeling.

However, there are many other factors that can cause dryness. It is always preferable to consult a doctor beforehand9.

It’s in the context of a baby’s daily care routine that sweet almond oil is pertinent, particularly for its emollient capability: It softens tissues, and its vitamin E content protects the skin from external forces and prevents dehydration. Also, the presence of fatty acids such as omega-9 helps to repair the skin barrier. All this goes towards explaining why sweet almond oil is well suited for relieving and soothing a baby’s dry skin.

When – and how – to use sweet almond oil in your baby's care routine

1. At bath time

We advise not over-bathing and using mild soaps and shampoos without ingredients of concern according to EWG to maintain (or at least help to maintain) a protective oily layer on your baby's skin for as long as possible.

We suggest making things easier by going with a 2-in-1 product like EWG VERIFIED™ baby shampoo and body soap. Odourless, it’s ideal for washing a baby's sensitive skin and scalp, all the while with complete peace of mind. Its formula is enriched with blueberry leaf extract (known for retaining the skin's natural moisture, protecting against external factors, and restoring the skin’s suppleness). It also contains coconut oil, which brings shine and softness to hair due to its ability to penetrate hair fibre. All the while, the key ingredient remains sweet almond oil, which relieves and soothes dry skin.

2. After bath time, it’s hydration time

If dryness is the problem, the solution is hydration. Apply an emollient cream to a baby's skin right after bathing to complete the daily routine. Have the cream penetrate the skin through gentle massaging. There are no hydration limits: A baby can be hydrated at any point of the day as well as several times a day.

We recommend choosing odourless and dermatologically tested creams, preferably without ingredients of concern, according to the experts at EWG.

The baby face-and-cheek balm is odourless, dermatologically tested and composed entirely of naturally derived ingredients to gently moisturize a baby’s sensitive and delicate skin. This balm also contains sweet almond oil and blueberry leaf extract, as well as cocoa butter with its nourishing, revitalizing and softening properties. Its sweet almond oil content is rich in vitamin E.

For memorable bonding moments, complete this care routine with our baby massage oil made from 99.2% naturally derived ingredients. Sweet almond oil (to relieve dry skin tightness), grapeseed oil (acting as a lubricant on the skin’s surface, giving it a soft and smooth appearance) and avocado oil (rich in vitamin E) are all included.

3. During diaper changes

Sweet almond oil can also be used during diaper changes. Knowing diaper rash is one of the most common forms of dry skin in babies, we formulated an odourless diaper cream with no ingredients of concern according to EWG and enriched it with sweet almond oil to soothe and nourish dry skin on babies' bottoms.

Primarily formulated with zinc oxide, our baby diaper cream stick creates an impermeable physical barrier, blocking moisture that causes diaper rash. It also contains castor oil to lock in natural moisture and nourish the skin. A godsend for parents!

Sweet Almond Oil products baby leaves ATTITUDE

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