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February 16, 2023Skincare travel guide

Do you have a vacation coming up? Whether your destination is an all-inclusive tropical getaway or a cozy chalet, your skin will require special attention. This guide details our best travel skincare tips to help you look your best throughout your entire stay.

6 tips to take care of your skin while travelling

1. Prevent unwelcome in-flight blemishes

A plane’s dry air can prompt oily skin to produce excess sebum. To avoid blemishes from appearing mid-flight, try travelling without makeup, avoid touching your face frequently during the flight and after disembarking, rid your skin of accumulated impurities with a cleanser or a complete purifying routine formulated with clean ingredients that don’t dry out skin.

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2. Seal in moisture before taking off

Roughly half of the air that circulates in a plane comes from outside. And because air at altitude contains far less humidity than air at sea level, it’s completely normal to experience dryness in the nose and throat, as well as on the skin1.

Applying a powerful serum before takeoff prevents dryness from happening. Look for naturally derived ingredients such as peptides (to help replenish the skin’s moisture barrier), glycerine (to help seal in moisture) and phytoglycogen (to provide long-lasting hydration). Serums also help fight the dryness associated with sun exposure by providing an extra dose of hydration to the skin.

3. Load up on nutrients

Vacations are often an opportunity to enjoy good, hearty meals. But don’t only focus on your stomach! Well-nourished skin makes for radiant, healthy skin!

Over the course of your vacation, make sure to use a cream formulated with nourishing ingredients such as shea butter (rich in vitamins A, E and F), and antioxidants like stabilized vitamin C, which evens out skin tone and revives your glow.

If you tend to have dry skin, then feed it with even more nutrients and good fats by adding a dry argan oil to your routine. Follow these steps and we promise that your holiday selfies will look great.

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4. Protect yourself from sun rays

Whether your plans include lounging on the beach, exploring a city’s streets or slaloming down snow-capped mountains, your travel skincare routine must include a sunscreen for your face. No ifs, ands or buts about it. In addition to protecting your skin from sunburn, a good sunscreen helps prevent aging of the skin and skin cancer.

For optimal protection, choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen – one that protects against both UVA and UVB rays – and is formulated with non-nano zinc oxide, which according to the EWG is the safest mineral filter. Apply it on top of your cream, but beneath your makeup, about 20 minutes before sun exposure and then repeat every two hours.

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Interesting fact :

Did you know that exposure to UV rays is greater at altitude than it is at sea level? And it’s even more intense during winter months as snow reflects up to 80% of the rays2.

5. Never kiss your lip balm goodbye

Which skincare item is most likely to be forgotten when traveling? Lip balm! Our lips are covered in a super-thin layer of skin, which causes them to burn and dry out very easily. Who’d want to pair their beautiful holiday outfits with chapped lips? No one, that’s who.

Make sure to carry with you a lip balm with sun protection that is formulated with ingredients like shea butter, argan oil and castor oil to soothe and soften the skin. After all, your soul mate could be right around the corner!

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6. Think simple, think small

How can you maintain your travel skincare ritual, without lugging an entire pharmacy in your suitcase? Opt for miniature facial care bars that fit perfectly in hand luggage. Solid, containing no worrying ingredients, and offered in mini biodegradable cardboard tubes, they’re super-easy to tote around and to apply (even in airport washrooms).

Tips for quickly drying your travel skincare products

When time is of the essence and there’s a plane you need to catch – shortly after using one of your skincare bars in the shower – these quick drying tips will come in handy! Always have a washcloth or small towel to keep your bars dry when you’re on the go.

Before putting your skincare products back in their case or travel bag, let them dry for an hour by laying them flat on the washcloth or towel after you’ve showered. If you are pressed for time, gently dab the excess water from your bars, let them air-dry for as long as possible, and then store them away.

Even better: Carry a natural, biodegradable bamboo soap dish It quickly wicks away moisture and extends a bar’s life.

3 easy steps to store your travel skincare products:

  1. Remove bars from the shower and lay them on a towel or dry surface.
  2. Dab off excess water and allow the bars to dry for at least an hour.
  3. Then place the bars in your preferred reusable bag or case.

Avoid drying your skincare bars with a hair dryer or storing them near a water heater! The heat will melt them, and you also don’t want them to go mushy. If one of your solid products – for instance body butter or face cream – melts, put the item in the refrigerator for up to 24 hours and it will regain its form.

Environmental changes can affect your skin, so it’s best to avoid trying out or using new products when you’re travelling. Rather, test them for a few days before you leave to see what your reaction is, and then only take the essentials.

If you remain unsure about which skincare products to take with you abroad, then take our quiz to determine which ones are best suited for your skin type.

Have a good trip!

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