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June 29, 2023How to relieve itchy skin during pregnancy

Pregnancy and postpartum lead to profound changes… changes that transform a woman's body, including her skin. While some mothers-to-be emit an unparalled radiance, others struggle with a variety of annoying skin discomforts like itchy, dry skin during pregnancy.

If this is your reality, fear not: Your body is simply doing its job to protect the little bundle of joy that is growing inside. We’ll explain why your skin is undergoing its metamorphosis and detail the best ways to care for it.

Why does skin change during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, a variety of hormonal, immunological and metabolic changes occur: These include an increased intravascular volume; a compression of organs by an expanding uterus; and, of course, an increase in hormone levels which can affect the skin (and, calling a spade a spade, a woman’s mood)1.

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Some of the more commonly observed skin changes include:

  • Itchy and dry skin: Motherhood is full of wonderful surprises, but you might not have bargained for itchy and dry skin during pregnancy as being part of the package! Hormonal changes can cause a loss of elasticity and moisture as skin stretches to conform to new body shapes2. This is what causes many future moms to have itchy skin, especially on their stomachs!

  • Stretch marks: Those infamous tiger stripes begin to appear during the second half of pregnancy. Primarily visible on the stomach, breasts, thighs, and buttocks, they form when a deep layer of skin stretches as the body undergoes its changes3.

Beauty tip – Stretch mark prevention oil

Although stretch marks may evoke fond memories of a pregnancy, it is not uncommon for women to try to avoid them (the stretch marks, not the fond memories!). Are we resonating with you? Stretch out with confidence thanks to the ultra-nourishing and plastic-free Blooming Belly Stretch Mark Prevention Oil with an argan and rose aroma, and make sure to check out our five simple tips to prevent stretch marks.

  • Hyperpigmentation: Linea nigra (the darker line that crosses the belly from the navel to the pubic area) and pregnancy mask (brown spots that appear on the face during pregnancy) are the most common forms of hyperpigmentation among pregnant women. Caused by excess hormones, these usually disappear on their own within a year of giving birth4.

  • Pimples: If your skin is prone to blemishes, then you might experience pimples on your face during pregnancy. Stimulated by elevated hormone levels, your sebaceous glands could ramp up their sebum production, causing breakouts. Be sure to maintain a healthy cleansing routine that is suitable for oily skin.

Taking natural care of a mother's skin

Every woman’s body is unique and reacts to pregnancy in its own way, but there’s one thing that is universal: All moms-to-be deserve the best of care. Whatever discomfort you may encounter, be sure to treat your skin with the care it requires by using products formulated with naturally derived ingredients bearing the EWG VERIFIED™ seal, which guarantees no substances of concern for either your health or your baby are used.

Why is this important? Therefore, it’s essential, especially during pregnancy, to pay attention to the ingredients contained in what you use (here are seven to completely avoid).

For women who suffer from dry and itchy skin during their pregnancy, argan oil is a godsend. Rich in vitamin E, omega-6 and omega-9, it nourishes and protects the skin's moisture barrier while helping to preserve its hydration. Here are four products – specially designed for moms – that contain argan oil.

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  1. Blooming Belly – Body Butter – Pink Argan: This luxurious, plastic-free treatment is made from 99.6% naturally derived ingredients that relieve itchy skin during pregnancy (as well as post-pregnancy!). In addition to being formulated with argan oil, it contains shea butter which is known for both its high content of vitamins A, E and F and its softening and soothing properties. A perfect addition to a mom's routine, it melts gently on the skin and invokes a beautiful feeling of comfort.

  2. Blooming Belly – Nourishing Cream: Also formulated with nourishing argan oil, this EWG VERIFIED™ and dermatologically tested cream is essential for women who experience dry skin during their pregnancy.

  3. Blooming Belly – Foaming Face Cleanser: Perfect to cleanse your face worry-free, this cleanser produces a pleasant foam with the delicate and soothing aroma of apple blossom.

  4. Blooming Belly – Nursing Balm: Dry skin during pregnancy might affect nipples which can become strained during the trials and tribulations of breastfeeding. To go along with diapers and wipes, your comfiest PJs, and the cutest clothes for newborns, don't forget to include this breastfeeding balm in your hospital bag that is specifically designed to protect the nipples’ delicate skin, with no ingredients of concern for babies.

Pampering yourself after baby has arrived

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Postpartum is when the greatest hormonal change – in a short period of time – is experienced5. Once the placenta comes out, estrogen and progesterone levels drop drastically, while the glands increase the secretion of prolactin and oxytocin to promote milk production6.

As these fluctuations can have a significant effect on mood and well-being, it is essential that a new mother listens to her body and provides it with what it needs. Hey! You just accomplished something amazing!

Treating yourself to small acts of kindness will help ease feelings of fatigue, exhaustion and stress that can quickly infringe upon a busy new mom’s life.7.

  • Eat a well-balanced diet and stay hydrated.
  • If you’re breastfeeding, remember to keep a bottle of water and healthy snacks on your bedside table in case late-night feedings make you hungry.
  • Go outside. Get some fresh air.
  • Ask for help when you feel overwhelmed.
  • Make time for yourself, even if it's only a few minutes each day.
  • Enjoy simple indulgences like a warm candlelit bath, an afternoon nap, a walk with a friend, visiting your favourite bakery, checking out a film or having a skin care routine that rejuvenates your complexion.

How to get your glow back after giving birth

If you experienced dry skin during pregnancy, we can completely understand how you now want to quickly get your glow back! The good news is that you can use these four radiant skin treatments that are formulated with phytoglycogen and stabilized and encapsulated vitamin C.

We hope you enjoyed learning about our best treatments to relieve itchy and dry skin during pregnancy. While you shop for your new favourite mommy items, make sure you also stock up on gentle, EWG VERIFIED™ care products for your baby that will soon be making a grand entrance into the world!



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