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July 11, 2022How to properly use your body scrub

Everyone knows that the feeling of cleanliness that comes from a body scrub is unmatched. But do you really know how it benefits your skin? Or, better yet, how to take full advantage of it? Here is some useful information to help you reveal your healthy and glowing skin.

The benefits of a body scrub

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Your skin cells are always regenerating. The oldest, which lie on the surface of the epidermis, fall off naturally in the form of dead skin to make way for a new fresh and smooth layer. However, over time, this renewal process slows down and dead skin cells tend to linger and accumulate in the pores. Add a bit of air pollution and throw in some impurities with damage caused by sun rays and we have the perfect recipe for dull skin in need of some TLC.

What’s the solution to avoid losing your glow? A good body scrub that polishes the surface of the skin by effectively removing impurities. This can:

  1. Remove dead cells from the surface of the skin
  2. Smooth and soften skin
  3. Eliminate impurities and unclog pores

Which body scrub to choose?

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The number one rule is to choose a gentle product that is suitable for your skin and not too abrasive. Although the point of exfoliation is to buff the surface of the skin by way of friction, you still don’t want to end the process with redness, pimples, or dry spots. Select a formula that purifies the epidermis without dehydrating or depriving it of its natural oil. àWant an interesting option? This body scrub bar has a comforting sandalwood aroma. Packed with powerful plant-based ingredients and minerals, it gently removes impurities, dead skin, and dryness to cleanse your skin without resorting to ingredients deemed worrisome by the EWG (Environmental Working Group). Unlike most exfoliants on the market that use sugar, salt, or chemical particles, this body scrub relies on bamboo powder to get the job done! And thanks to the combination of shea butter and extracts from Indian cress and watercress, it also helps repair and soothe dry skin in any climate. As a bonus, this product is vegan, biodegradable, and entirely plastic free.

How to maximize its use

As with any skincare product, the effectiveness of your body scrub depends on how you use it. To get the desired effect, follow this advice:

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1) Include your body scrub in your evening beauty routine

We know that the skin regenerates itself while you sleep. By adding the exfoliant to your bedtime skincare routine, you allow your skin to better absorb the nutrients from your moisturizer and serum of choice.

2) Apply it on wet skin

When you are in the shower, the heat of the water expands the pores and accelerates the descaling process.

3) Gently massage your skin

Scrubbing isn’t necessary. The grainy texture of the exfoliant is good enough to dislodge impurities. Make circular movements to soften rough areas and rinse the skin with lukewarm water.

4) Place it on a soap dish

If you are using the body scrub bar that we mentioned above, be sure to let it dry on a soap dish like this model, made from bamboo, so you can enjoy the benefits even longer!

5) Moisturize your skin thoroughly after the exfoliation

Once exfoliated, the skin is at its most receptive to moisturizing products. This is the perfect time to apply your lotions and creams that are filled with naturally sourced, nourishing and soothing ingredients.

6) Protect your skin from the sun

Renewed skin must be protected! Be sure to always apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen that blocks UVA and UVB rays. These plastic-free mineral sun sticks for the body and face are exemplary because they are made from non-nano zinc oxide, the safest and most effective sun filter, according to the EWG.(1)

How frequently should you use a body scrub?

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That depends on your skin type. If you have dry or normal skin, exfoliating once a week should do the trick. Additionally, use products that contain natural ingredients known for their moisturizing and softening properties that will help eliminate dry areas. If you have oily skin, you may need to exfoliate up to three times a week to thoroughly rid the skin of impurities and excess sebum, which can cause pimples, particularly in the summer. Were you inspired to enhance your beauty ritual? Check out these plastic-free body care bars that are blended with precious softening oils and creamy butters that, after the body scrub, quickly penetrate the skin to nourish, regenerate, and make it shine again.


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