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July 27, 2023How to get a clean look in 9 easy steps

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If you follow the latest beauty trends, you’re no doubt aware of what look all It girls are currently going for: the “clean look.” So simple – yet also highly sophisticated – the clean look is easily achievable… provided you use the right products and employ the correct techniques. This is what we’ll share with you, right here. 👇

What is the clean look?

Clean Look in 9 steps woman Oceanly ATTITUDE

Are you Team Selena? If so, put aside your favoritism for a moment and get inspired by the face of the clean girl aesthetic: Hailey Bieber. Her model off-duty style exudes freshness and is the perfect example of a clean look based on four fundamental components: (1) a luminous complexion, (2) minimal makeup, (3) defined eyebrows and eyelashes and (4) a smooth bun.

Is “no makeup” makeup and the clean look the same thing?

No, not exactly. The clean look is a more refined version of the no-makeup look. It exudes a natural chic bordering on perfection. More than just makeup, the clean look goes beyond the face to hairstyle, clothing and even attitude.

Getting a clean look using clean ingredients according to the EWG

Did you know that American women – on average, every day – are in contact with 168 chemicals through their beauty products1? Not so “clean,” is it? In a nutshell, that is why it’s so important to discuss ingredients before beginning a makeup routine. The secret to having a clean look is having radiant skin that’s glowing and exudes vitality!

Before choosing a skincare product that you feel could be right for you, verify that it contains ingredients that will take care of your skin in the long term to look clean and radiant… everywhere, and all the time.

“Fair enough, but how do I go about deciphering the endless lists of ingredients?”

It's much easier than you might think! Simply locate the EWG VERIFIED™ seal on the packaging. This confirms the product is free of all substances of concern according to the Environmental Working Group, a reliable benchmark for clean products. You can also check out the EWG's Skin Deep® database which includes reviews of over 93,000 personal care products.

Focus on cleansers, serums and creams rooted in naturally derived ingredients that gently cleanse, nourish and hydrate your skin. And – ideally – on hybrid makeup that’s halfway between skincare and makeup.

According to the EWG, phytoglycogen is among the clean ingredients that provide long-lasting effects. This entirely vegetable molecule has an abundance of advantages: it hydrates effectively and for a long time, and also improves the appearance of the complexion – two essentials for obtaining that clean Hailey look.

Step 1: Prepare your skin for a clean look

Clean Look in 9 steps skincare Oceanly ATTITUDE

As mentioned previously, the basis for a good, clean look is a fresh, luminous and radiant complexion. Prep your skin before applying your makeup with nutrient-packed products tailored to your skin type. Here are a few suggestions:

For an instant glow-up:

The PHYTO-GLOW collection uses a combination of phytoglycogen and stabilized and encapsulated vitamin C to even out the complexion and give your face a healthy appearance. This handy set of four mini skincare products includes a gentle cleanser, PHYTO-GLOW serum and cream, and a dry oil. Formulated with argan oil with nourishing properties, it does wonders for dry, combination and oily skin.

For maximum simplicity (and protection):

Clean Look in 9 steps Tinted sun cream Oceanly ATTITUDE

Having healthy-looking skin is synonymous with protecting your skin from the sun! In fact, UV rays are the main culprits of skin damage and skin aging2. Make your life easier by opting for a tinted sunscreen that provides protection, hydration and radiance. This can even replace the clean look foundation on those days when lightness is what you need! This cream should be combined with an SPF 30 sunscreen for optimal protection.

For more brightness, less shine:

If your face’s T-zone tends to shine, use a mattifying cream that uses arrowroot powder to absorb excess oil. It’s the perfect makeup base for combination and oily skin.

Steps 2 to 9: Getting the clean look

With your skin now ready, follow these steps to easily create your clean look. For your makeup, we suggest using products with a creamy texture that provide a smooth, homogeneous effect.

Step 2

Clean Look in 9 steps concealer Oceanly ATTITUDE

If your face has small blemishes – pimples, spots, acne scars, etc. – hide them using a concealer with light coverage. Choose a shade that blends perfectly with your skin tone.

Step 3

Clean Look in 9 steps Tinted Oil Oceanly ATTITUDE

Do you have dry or normal skin? Charlie, our professional makeup artist, likes to swap foundation for a tinted oil stick. This provides your skin with the hydration it needs to maintain its glow throughout the day. Apply to your forehead, nose, cheeks and chin, and then spread it with your fingertips. Do you have oily skin? Replace the oil with a super-lightweight foundation.

Step 4

Apply your concealer under your eyes to illuminate your look. Tap the product with your fingertips until that area is smooth and homogeneous.

Step 5

Use blush to revive your complexion. Apply it to the high part of your cheekbones, then gently spread it outwards from your face using a patting motion.

Pro tip

To get a classic clean look, consistency is key! Make sure to apply your makeup in a manner that provides a smooth and symmetrical result. And better still? Use your blush on your lips to create perfect cohesion between your makeup’s different elements.

Step 6

Clean Look in 9 steps Highlighter Oceanly ATTITUDE

A clean look’s must-have product is the highlighter, which creates a luminous effect giving your face a radiant, almost shimmering appearance. Apply a little to your cheeks, the outer corner of your brow bone and the tip of your nose for your skin to reflect light from multiple angles.

Step 7

Part and brush your brows, then apply a thin layer of brow mascara as needed. A discreet look is your goal. For eyelashes, it's the same idea: Apply a thin layer of mascara, separating your eyelashes as much as possible. Avoid clumping at all costs and opt for shades that approximate your hair’s natural colour.

Step 8

Clean Look in 9 steps Lip Gloss Oceanly ATTITUDE

Complete your makeup using a lip gloss that will give your lips a subtle shine without that sticky feeling. Composed of three delicate shades, this trio of lip gloss lets you discreetly change your clean look based upon your mood or your outfit.

Step 9

And the clean look’s pièce de résistance? The super-slick hairstyle, of course. Go with a low bun or an up-lift hairstyle with the help of a claw clip. Apply a dab of gel or hair glue to the sides to prevent frizzing.

Presto! You’ve got it made! Miss Bieber would be proud. To make your life even easier, take a look at the On-the-glow kit and Radiant Rose kit makeup sets that contain the clean look essentials.

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