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October 14, 2022What is the correct skincare order for facial treatments?

Cleanser, cream, serum, oil. Or was it oil, cleanser, serum, cream? It’s not that either. The skincare order for facial treatments should not be a mystery, but it remains so for many. Yet, it’s as important as the products themselves! Find out how to adapt your skincare steps and which products can help achieve healthy and glowing skin.

Why is skincare order so important?

Why is it important to stick to a specific skincare order with your facial treatments? Because, by doing so, you will ensure its effectiveness. The skin’s job is to prevent external contaminants from penetrating through the epidermis. However, during the skincare routine, we want all the good ingredients to penetrate the skin! And, simply put, if they’re not applied properly – even in the incorrect order – you will not reap their full benefits.

What should the skincare steps be for a proper glow-up routine?

The golden rule is to go from the lightest to the thickest product. This allows the ingredients from the lightest products to better penetrate the skin, something that can be made difficult if a thicker treatment is applied before. For example, an antioxidant serum will be applied before a moisturizer. While the ingredients from the serum act by soaking into the skin, the emollient substances and humectants from the moisturizer must remain on the surface longer to form a moisturizing and protective barrier.

Pro tip:
If you have time, wait a few minutes in between each product as this will give the skin more time to better absorb the ingredients.

What is the ideal face care routine?

There’s no need to follow a super-sophisticated beauty routine to have radiant skin! All you have to do is choose products that are free of nasty ingredients according to EWG, efficient and suitable for your skin. Then apply them at the right time and in the right order. Here is our ideal skincare routine.

1. Cleanser

right order for skin care, the cleanser

Morning and evening, rinse your face and neck with lukewarm water, then massage them delicately with a gentle and effective cleanser. Thanks to its unique formula based on algae and peptides, this new cleanser stick rids the face of impurities without leaving it dry. Cleanse and maintain your skin’s moisture barrier at the same time!

2. Serum

right order for skin care, the serum

Morning and evening, after cleansing and lightly drying your face, apply your serum, then gently massage your skin until it is completely absorbed. Choose a serum based on your needs: invigorating, soothing ou revitalizing.

3. Eye contour cream

right order for skin care, the eye contour

The sensitive skin around the eyes requires adaptive care. Use a cream that is designed to moisturize and soothe this delicate area of the face. Apply it only to that specific area before applying cream, in both the morning and evening. Some eye contour products can also reduce the signs of aging..

4. Cream or dry oil

right order for skin care, the cream or oil

No matter your skin type – dry, combination, or oily – your face needs hydration. The key is choosing an adaptive product! Apply a cream on your clean face and neck – avoiding the eye contour area – a few minutes after spreading your serum. Be sure to choose two different creams, one for the morning and the other for the evening.

☀️ Your morning cream should provide complete hydration thanks to EWG-approved ingredients, such as phytoglycogen, and, ideally, sun protection without that greasy feeling.

🌙 Your evening cream should be thicker and richer to properly nourish the skin during the prime hours of repair and regeneration.

If your skin is in dire need of hydration, phytoglycogen-based dry oils are definitely worth looking into. Filled with nutrients, these can complete both the morning and evening creams for those with dry skin. For those with combination or oily skin, dry oils should only be used as evening moisturizers.

5. Sun protection

Your moisturizer doesn’t contain SPF? Complete your routine with an effective sunscreen. Our preferred choices are made with non-nano zinc oxide, the safest and most effective sun filter of natural origin according to EWG,1 which creates a physical barrier on the surface of the skin to protect against UV rays.

right order for skin care, the sun protection

We didn’t forget about the exfoliator and purifying mask. They belong in step 2, after the cleanser. But unlike the previous skincare steps, these should only be used once a week as not to overwhelm the skin.

Which face care to choose?

different skin types for plastic-free skincare by ATTITUDE

ICYMI, ATTITUDE has just launched a new and revolutionary face care line called Oceanly. Completely vegan, plastic-free, and free from worrying ingredients according to EWG, this collection is formulated with powerful naturally sourced ingredients such as phytoglycogen, stabilized vitamin C, and peptides.

Split into seven categories – PHYTO-GLOW, PHYTO-AGE, PHYTO-CALM, PHYTO-MATTE, PHYTO-OIL, PHYTO-CLEANSE and PHYTO-SUN – this collection includes cleansers, serums, creams, and oils that meet the needs of every skin type. In addition, their solid formats make it easy to apply, wherever you are.

new plastic-free skincare line by ATTITUDE

There are several safe and effective skin care options on the market. But if you choose products that bear the EWG VERIFIEDTM seal of approval, avoid these 8 harmful ingredients, and follow the recommended skincare order for your face care routine, your skin will thank you!

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