ATTITUDE Living Natural Micellar Foaming Cleansers
June 2, 2021ATTITUDE launches Super leaves™ Micellar Foaming Cleansers

The reputation of Super leavesTM body and hair products is well established: these essentials, made with natural ingredients and infused with super leaves extracts with exceptional properties, have quickly become must-haves. Combining performance, efficiency and wholesome ingredients, the Super leavesTM line now includes four versions of micellar foaming cleansers, much to the delight of brand fans!

ATTITUDE Living micellar foaming face cleansers

Natural and effective facial cleanser

Available in 4 versions including 3 delicately scented variants enriched with antioxidant lemon leaf, white tea leaf and orange leaf extracts, and an unscented version with the new soothing blueberry super leaf, this hypoallergenic facial cleanser made with natural ingredients contains a gentle surfactant (disodium cocoyl glutamate), which deeply cleanses and detoxifies skin without irritation, while reducing the adherence of pollutants. 

The vegan formula of these PETA-certified micellar cleansers contains watercress and Indian cress super leaves, known for their regenerative ability and high vitamin and mineral content. The micellar foams are formulated with sacha inchi oil, a precious ingredient with high moisturizing power, which helps to perfect makeup removal and leaves the skin feeling sublimated.

Sacha Inchi oil is an ingredient that is rich in omega 6, also known as linoleic acid, which limits water loss from the skin while softening and nourishing it. It is also rich in vitamins E, A and antioxidants, which gives it anti-free radical and anti-aging properties. This exceptional oil is easily absorbed by the skin and helps maintain its elasticity.

The EWG VERIFIEDTM Micellar Foaming Cleanser is also available in an unscented version that does not contain sacha inchi oil, which has a subtle fragrance. This odorless foam cleanser is enriched with soothing and protective blueberry leaves and is ideal for people with fragrance sensitivities.  

Proudly bearing the ECOLOGO® seal, these micellar foams have undergone rigorous scientific testing and extensive verification to ensure compliance with strict environmental performance standards.

ATTITUDE Living natural and high performing face wash

Super leaves extracts

ATTITUDE's micellar foaming cleansers all contain a unique leaf extract that provides its own benefits. Our foam with lemon leaf extracts has purifying and regenerating properties, while our cleanser with white tea leaves is soothing and calming. Our orange leaf micellar foam has a revitalizing effect, and our unscented foaming cleanser contains blueberry leaf extracts, known for their protective properties. Whatever your skin type, there's a micellar foam cleanser for you!

ATTITUDE Living natural skincare

Easy and pleasant cleansing routine

It's important to cleanse your face at the end of the day to remove impurities from pollution and dirt, and upon waking to remove excess oil from your skin that has accumulated during the night. Our micellar foaming cleanser has a light water foam texture that makes this step of your skin care routine both easy and enjoyable. Plus, it can even remove light makeup! To use, simply moisten your face and neck with warm water, shake the product and pump a small amount of foam into your clean hands, gently massage your face for less than a minute and rinse thoroughly, avoiding the eye area. Your skin will be clean, moisturized and glowing!

Let our micellar foam cleanser charm you and take your natural skin care routine to another level. Plus, for each micellar foam purchased on its website or from a partner, ATTITUDE plants a tree in collaboration with two non-profit organizations!

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Written by Team ATTITUDE