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October 4, 2022ATTITUDE® launches a revolutionary solid skincare line

From the very beginning, our goal has been to create products that are good for the environment and for people. That's why we're so proud to launch our new Oceanly™ line of plastic-free skin care products. You can finally say goodbye to nasty ingredients and single-use plastic in your skincare routine and never look back!





Our motivation




Chemicals of concern and plastic pollution are major issues in the beauty industry. For over a decade, ATTITUDE, a Canadian leader in beauty & home care products, has been committed to transforming the way the industry operates and striving for higher standards. Driven by three fundamental pillars: clean ingredients, maximum efficiency and less plastic, the company is leading the way with Oceanly™ the world’s first complete line of solid, plastic-free, EWG VERIFIED™ skincare line. Inspired by the ocean from marine-sourced ingredients to ocean-friendly plastic-free packaging, wave inspired design and sunset-on-the-sea colors, Oceanly™ is designed to revolutionize skincare rituals and define a new way to beauty – clean for the body and the planet.




ATTITUDE is focusing on developing clean and perfomance-driven beauty product lines in innovative, low-waste packaging to further its mission of raising industry standards and provide the best products for people and the environment. We are excited to introduce this new clean, vegan, plastic-free skincare line developed to create positive change and set higher standard in the beauty industry.” - JF Bernier, chief executive.









A clean & performance-driven line unlike anything else on the market




ATTITUDE’s Oceanly™ skincare proudly bears the Environment Working Group’s EWG VERIFIED™ seal of approval, representing EWG’s strictest criteria for transparency and health. The entire product line also scored 100/100 on Yuka. This line is created with innovative ingredients proven to work such as Phytoglycogen, Stabilized & Encapsulated Vitamin C and Peptides.










Phytoglycogen is our star ingredient! Phytoglycogen helps improve the health and appearance of the skin by providing long-lasting hydration, soothing dry skin and evening out skin tone. It was proven to be more hydrating than hyaluronic acid after 7 hours¹. Our Phytoglycogen is 100% plant-derived and eliminates the need to extract glycogen from shellfish, helping preserve marine ecosystems.












Our skincare products are packaged in an innovative push-up design, made of biodegradable and FSC certified cardboard from eco-managed forest to reduce plastic and help preserve the planet.






A ritual for all skin types









ATTITUDE’s brand-new Oceanly™ features 19 solid, plastic free products, covering everything from cleansers and serums to face creams, masks and sunscreens, addressing all skin needs – glowing, aging, sensitive, mattifying.










A ritual that allows the skin to glow while stimulating its natural hydration processes. An essential daily care thanks to stabilized encapsulated vitamin C known to even out the complexion and phytoglycogen that gives it radiance. The result: a revitalized skin and a fresh and radiant complexion.








A skin care ritual formulated with watercress extract, phytoglycogen, peptides and evening primrose oil to condition the skin, help reduce the signs of aging while protecting and replenishing the skin’s moisture barrier. A care that brings comfort and results.








The ideal care if your dry and sensitive skin needs extra protection. PHYTO-CALM restores the skin’s comfort. Its vitamin-rich formula is made with shea butter known to nourish and soothe dry skin.








A high-performance day cream with watercress extract, phytoglycogen and arrowroot powder know to to revitalize the skin, reduce the signs of aging and absorb excess sebum. Its mattifying properties makes PHYTO-MATTE day cream an ideal base for makeup.








The line deeply cleanses the skin to remove impurities while leaving skin glowing. Its algae-based composition revitalizes and softens the skin while mineral-rich blue clay improves the skin’s natural radiance.










PHYTO-OIL provides additional and effective protection against external aggressions. A day and night routine enriched with with precious seaweed extracts, such as ascophyllum, known to revitalize the skin barrier and give the skin a youthful glow.








Mineral day cream SPF 15 for the face that offers a broad UVA/UVB UVA/UVB spectrum and gives the skin a natural glow. It is tinted for a unified, radiant finish. Perfect as a complement to the PHYTO-GLOW!







With Oceanly™, plastic-free uncompromising beauty is now a possibility!

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Written by Team ATTITUDE