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November 14, 2019ATTITUDE builds a new facility, an investment of over $15 million

ATTITUDE is proudly opening a brand new, 90,000 sq. ft production and warehousing facility in Sherbrooke, Canada. The investment, amounting to over $15 million, was made in collaboration with National Bank, the Government of Quebec’s ESSOR program and the Economic Development Agency of Canada for the Regions of Quebec. The innovative project is expected to create 66 new jobs in the region.

“We’re proud to support ATTITUDE in this new phase, which will have many benefits for Sherbrooke and all of Quebec. We’re also pleased to support this local company in achieving its international goals. By creating products that have a minimal impact on the environment, ATTITUDE is demonstrating that innovation can help create a more sustainable future.” - Serge Lamy-Lampron, Senior Manager, Commercial Banking at National Bank.
“The company understood the importance of fitting its new facility with automated and robotic equipment right away to guarantee its productivity and competitiveness. These kinds of projects are what will enable Quebec to improve its productivity levels while stimulating economic prosperity in the regions, including Estrie.” - Pierre Fitzgibbon, Quebec’s Minister of Economy and Innovation and Minister Responsible for the Lanaudière Region

The specialized facility will enable ATTITUDE to continue fulfilling its promise of creating natural, high-quality products that minimize harmful impacts on families and the environment. Always at the forefront of its industry, ATTITUDE will combine three innovative concepts in its new facility: the smart factory of Industry 4.0, environmental responsibility and a focus on wellness.

“Thanks to this facility, we’ll be able to double our current production capacities to keep pace with our local and international growth. It will give us the scope we need in order to further enhance our unique ability to invent and develop new products.” - Jean-François Bernier, ATTITUDE co-founder and CEO

A unique facility

The smart factory

The new, state-of-the-art facility will employ smart management techniques and offer surprising performance capacities.

“We decided to invest in Industry 4.0 technology to design a flexible and interconnected plant that will adjust production in line with demand. The equipment will be interconnected to enable real-time analysis and remote troubleshooting. This will help us understand and analyze our methods and push our limits. Thanks to these new possibilities, we’ll be able to achieve an unmatched level of performance.” - Hans Drouin, Ph.D., Vice-President of Research & Development at ATTITUDE

An environmentally-friendly factory

ATTITUDE has built its reputation on carefully selecting each of the ingredients that go into its products, and the newly developed production processes will also be subject to the strictest standards. Inspired by sustainable development principles, the company has adopted environmentally responsible construction, design and layout practices.

A factory that promotes wellness at work

A commitment to wellness is an integral part of our company’s culture, and the new facility will be no exception. The sunlit work spaces, lunch room and common areas have all been designed to offer an open and dynamic work environment.

Sherbrooke: A thriving city

ATTITUDE chose to build its new facility in Sherbrooke because it is a thriving and dynamic community that shares many of the company’s values and offers the ideal balance between nature and city life

“We are proud and happy to have been able to support the business in facilitating its establishment in Sherbrooke. With its new connected and eco-concerned plant, ATTITUDE is an important addition to the Cleantech sector. The achievement of this project, which will have a substantial economic impact, sends a strong message that our city is a major hub for businesses in the field of sustainable development.” - Josée Fortin, Executive Director of Sherbrooke Innopole.

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Written by Team ATTITUDE