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April 10, 20225 eco-friendly gifts designed for your mom

Make two mothers happy this year: yours and Mother Nature. Just select eco-friendly gifts from our leaves bar™ collection and limited edition set. It’s easy for you, soothing for your mom and gentle on the environment!

Our new leaves bar™ collection is comprised of a variety of eco-friendly gifts that are designed to empower everyone to adopt a healthy skin and hair care routine without sacrificing performance. With their delicate aromas and rich textures, our bars are sure to take care of your mother and the planet. Discover the Mother’s Day present ideas that will charm the one who has always spoiled you.

1. For the mom who deserves a break

Does your mom need some time to herself? Our Beautified Skin set – which includes a Sandalwood Body Butter and Body Scrub, as well as an Unscented Nourishing Lip Balm – is the perfect eco-friendly gift for mothers looking for a quick rejuvenation. Our vegan formulas are enriched with shea butter, cocoa butter and super leaves extracts that will leave her skin nourished and feeling silky smooth.

Discovery set leaves bar 1 -  Mother’s Day present ideas - eco-friendly gifts  - ATTITUDE

2. For the adventurous mom

Does she love to just get up and go? Our Week-end Getaway Essentials Bundle is the perfect Mother’s Day present idea for her. Wherever her next destination may lead – to a cabin in the woods or an exotic island – she will be ecstatic to drop these five essential plastic-free body care products into her luggage. From the Sandalwood Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner to Herbal Musk Deodorant, Orange Cardamom Body Soap and Sea Salt Body Butter, she will have everything she needs to pamper herself from head to toe.

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3. For the eco-friendly mom

If your mom taught you how to separate the recycling from the compost and landfill trash before kindergarten, this Mother’s Day present idea is for her. Our 100% Eco-Friendly Bundle – the most complete of our plastic-free sets – is packed with naturally derived ingredients that are as beneficial for your mom as they are for the planet. This bundle of seven contains eco-friendly gifts including: Sandalwood Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner,Dry body oilandBaking soda-free Deodorant, an Orange Cardamom Body Soap, a Sea Salt Hand Soap and a Mint Lip Balm. This is the apex for eco-friendly purists.

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4. For the good-natured mom

It’s never too late to learn something new – even if it means taking on a new lifestyle. Encourage your mom to do so with our Discovery Set: a duo of Volume Shampoo and Conditioner formulated with red clay and soy protein extracts along with the Sea Salt Body Soap that is infused with the gentle scent of the ocean. Get her started on a path she will not soon regret.

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5. For the self-care fanatic

This limited-edition box set of beauty bar essentials is an integral kit for the self-care enthusiast. This box contains: Herbal Musk Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner, Herbal Musk Body Soap, and Sea Salt Body Butter and Deodorant. Exactly what you need The perfect eco-friendly gift to meet the expectations of a mom who sets the bar high!

Browse through our sweet and luxurious collection of eco-friendly gifts that are sure to make her and the planet glow, inside and out.

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