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December 22, 2022

5 creative ways to repurpose cardboard boxes

It’s amazing what you can do with something as simple as packaging and a little imagination!

Discover an array of fun ways to repurpose cardboard boxes that you received from the bevy of products you’ve ordered.

Why repurpose?

Because when you reuse something, you can help reduce waste and pollution (and because it can be fun too)!

Could you imagine a garbage truck pulling up to the oceans every minute to unload its trash? This is, essentially, what happens.

Every year, 8 million tons of plastic is dumped into our oceans and the biggest culprits are packaging.1

how to repurpose your cardboard boxes bottle

When you repurpose your cardboard boxes, plastic bottles, or other used items, you help reduce the monstrous amount of waste that winds up in landfills, or, worse, in the ocean.

Not to mention, repurposing is also good for your wallet and your morale!

The benefits of repurposing
Environmental Economical Personal
Reduces waste production Allows you to buy less Creates unique pieces
Limits the need for raw materials Reduces manufacturing costs Helps develop new artistic or manual skills

What is the difference between recycling, reusing, and upcycling?

Even if these three actions are based on the same desire to protect the environment, they produce different results.

Recycling: It is done using materials. The objects are crushed so that their base components – plastic, paper, metal, and glass – can be used to create new consumer products. These new products are, often, of lower quality.

Example : Placing a plastic bottle in the recycling bin so it can be melted and used to create a new, but recycled, plastic object.

Did you know?

Despite all your good intentions, only 9% of plastic consumed globally is recycled!2

However, thanks to our plastic-free packaging and eco-refills, we avoided producing more than 2,240 tons of plastic since 2021.

how to repurpose your cardboard boxes graphic

Repurposing : When you repurpose an object, you’re not throwing it away or recycling it. You keep it to give it a second wind, by using it for the same purpose or by finding a new use for it.

Example : Repurpose cardboard boxes you received by using them to store your seasonal clothes.

Upcycling : This does not involve the destruction of goods. It’s not about converting products back into materials but reshaping them to create something of better quality and functionality.3.

Example : Saving fabric scraps to create a new garment.

5 original ideas to repurpose cardboard boxes

how to repurpose your cardboard boxes creative idea

If you’re looking for ways to help protect the planet, repurpose cardboard boxes.

Here are some original ideas you can use if you need a starting point or a boost in creativity.

1. Storage boxes

Empty cardboard boxes make excellent containers for storing different items such as craft supplies, office supplies, or even food.

Rearrange the spices in your pantry or the variety of cheeses in the fridge. You can also store seasonal items like winter hats, scarves, tennis rackets or ski boots.

In addition to the large boxes being used to store bulky items, small boxes – like those from our leaves bar™ solid body care line – can be reused for several purposes.

Attach them to a wall or a bulletin board and make them pencil holders, use it as a case to store tiny jewelry like earrings and rings, make beds for your kids’ dolls, turn them into containers for small snacks like nuts or candy and much more!

2. Decorations

Just in time for the holidays, create charming decorations by painting your cardboard boxes in Christmas colours and filling them with ornaments.

And while you’re at it, don’t stop there! You can also make unique birthday, Halloween, or everyday decorations with cardboard box panels.

3. Plant trays

Have you ever thought to repurpose cardboard boxes by turning them into plant trays?

Just decorate them, insert a plastic bag to avoid wetting the cardboard, and voila!

4. Toys and games

Teach your kids the importance of protecting the environment by organizing a DIY craft activity.

There are so many things you can create with the help of a simple cardboard box: blocks, puppets, board games, dollhouses, puzzles…even a maze can be built by cutting doors into the box panels! It’s guaranteed hours of fun!

5. Bird feeders

Whether it’s for your own entertainment or for your kids, you can use large milk cartons to design bird feeders.

Spruce up the carton with bright colors and sticks for the birds to perch on, add a door, drop the seeds inside and watch the birds flock to your yard!

Finding creative ways to repurpose cardboard boxes or other packaging can be fun for everyone.

And for the times it won’t be possible, make sure you know how to properly recycle them!


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Written by Team ATTITUDE

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