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Static Eliminator & Softener





Static eliminator & softener eliminates static electricity and softens fabrics, leaving them feeling gentle and fresh. It reduces wrinkling without leaving chemical residue. In addition, our static eliminator & softener is free of color dyes and fragrances. Dry your clothes sustainably and hassle-free!

  • Reusable dryer sheets for up to 300 loads
  • Patented fabric that’s gentle and eliminates static
  • Free of color dyes and fragrances

99% Polyester, 1% Nylon

Place the two cloths in the dryer with clothes. Dry normally at the desired heat setting. Wash ATTITUDE™ reusable dryer cloths after the first three uses, then every three months to maintain optimal performance.

Because chemical-based sheets leave a residue in your dryer, you may need to use ATTITUDE™ reusable dryer cloths 3 or 4 times before maximum effectiveness. Cloths are effective both wet and dry. SAFE FOR CHILDREN’S CLOTHING, CLOTH DIAPERS AND TECHNICAL FABRICS.