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June 27, 2023For a plastic-free future: launch of our leaves bar™ collection

9 products to a zero plastic beauty rritual

From the very beginning, our goal has been to create products that are good for the environment and for people.

That's why we're so proud to launch our new Leaves bar™ line of plastic-free skin care products. You can finally say goodbye to single-use plastic in your skincare routine and never look back!

This project is the result of a rich process of reflection and research, in order to bring to the market quality, healthy, effective and efficient body and hair care products in a convenient and ecological bar format.

Plastic free hair and body care in their biodegradable packaging from the new leaves bar line from ATTITUDE

Our Motivation

Did you know that 8 million tons of plastic are thrown into the ocean every year and that the ocean currently accumulates nearly 200 million tons of plastic waste?

In fact, even if many plastics are recyclable, it is estimated that only 9% of all plastic production is recycled*. ATTITUDE™ believes that for these reasons and many others, it is essential to reduce single-use plastic in our daily routine, and that by doing so, we can make a truly positive change.

We want to help make sustainable and eco-responsible products more accessible, and make a zero plastic transition... and it starts NOW!

*National Geographic : 10 shocking facts about plastic

Our Goal

With Leaves bar™, we wanted to create a complete line of plastic-free skin and hair care products, enriched with our precious super leaf extracts with extraordinary properties. Packaged in beautifully designed cardboard boxes, our solid formulas are the epitome of what our brand stands for: eco-responsibility combined with effectiveness.

Designed to deliver maximum results with minimum ingredients, it was our dream to make our luxuriously scented products available as your line of choice for your daily beauty routine.

Shampoo and conditioner bars

Our zero plastic hair care are formulated with super leaf extracts, clays, oils and luxurious butters to moisturize, nourish, detoxify and amplify the feeling of thickness in your hair.

Available in our four signature leaves bar™ fragrances, these treatments offer a relaxing experience and an eco-friendly alternative to liquid shampoos and conditioners packaged in plastic bottles. The waterless formula in a bar format makes these plastic-free hair care products perfect for nomadic souls and frequent travelers!

Easy to carry around, they are packaged in a stylish recyclable cardboard box.

Woman washing her hair with leaves bar plastic free shampoo bar by ATTITUDE

They're also easy to use: just apply the bars directly to your wet hair, or rub them into your damp hands and massage them into your hair. Then rinse thoroughly, and "voilà"! It's as easy as 1-2-3!

The line comes in four different versions:

- Detox shampoo and conditioner with the sweet scent of sea salt;

- Moisturizing shampoo and conditioner with a herbal musk aroma;

- Nourishing shampoo and conditioner with a rich sandalwood scent;

- Volumizing shampoo and conditioner with an orange and cardamom scent.

Zero-plastic Hand and Body Soaps

Person using leaves bar plastic free body soap in a bar by ATTITUDE in his shower

Our soap bars will transform your beauty ritual into a luxurious, sensory experience with a rich lather and four signature gourmet scents that leave your skin smelling gorgeous.

They’re made with gentle, naturally-sourced cleansing agents and filled with plant-derived nourishing active ingredients like olive oil and shea butter to remove dirt and impurities from hands without over-drying skin.

Plastic-Free Luxury Deodorant

Woman applying plastic free deodorant leaves bar by ATTITUDE

Leaves bar™ deodorant is made with gentle, absorbent and neutralizing ingredients to provide protection against unwanted smells and moisture.

The baking soda-free formula contains magnesium hydroxide to fight odor and white clay to naturally absorb moisture, yet is gentle enough for sensitive skin.

Enriched with castor oil to nourish and lock in moisture, our deodorants also contain our watercress and Indian cress super leaf extracts and skin care agents that help keep skin in good condition. Our plastic-free deodorant is available in three luxurious leaves bar™ scents: sandalwood, sea salt and herbal musk.

Featuring our innovative push-up design, the cardboard packaging is a major contributor to reducing our daily consumption of plastic.

Body Scrub bar

Woman using leaves bar body scrub in a bar by ATTITUDE

Leaves bar™ Sandalwood Body Scrub is a no-mess body scrub that fits right in the palm of your hand and sloughs away impurities, dead skin and dryness — revealing soft, smooth skin.

It features bamboo powder to effectively exfoliate dead skin cells and shea butter to revitalize, repair and soothe dry skin.

Body Butter Stick

Woman with leaves bar plastic free body butter in a bar by ATTITUDE to moisturize her skin

Formulated with nourishing ingredients to relieve dry skin such as shea butter, cocoa butter and argan oil, our Leaves bar™️ body butter will transform your daily skincare rritual.

This push-up stick balm will help soften and smooth your dry skin and leave it soft and nourished with its rich, creamy texture.

Available in sandalwood or sea salt scents, this eco-friendly alternative to bottled creams and lotions contains watercress and Indian cress super leaf extracts to revitalizing skin.

Solid Dry Body Oil

Woman using dry body oil leaves bar ATTITUDE

Packaged in the same convenient cardboard applicator format as our body butter, Leaves bar™ dry body oil leaves no greasy residue while providing suppleness to the skin.

Its formula is enriched with nasturtium and watercress super leaf extracts for enhanced performance, and it contains a blend of precious jojoba and argan oils rich in fatty acids and avocado oil, which contains vitamins A, E and D that nourishes and softens the skin.

It is available in two different fragrances, sandalwood and herbal musk.

Zero-Plastic Lip Balm

Woman using plastic free lip balm leaves bar by ATTITUDE

Packed with key moisturizing and nourishing ingredients like shea butter and coconut, castor and argan oils, our new lip balm is the perfect addition to a zero-plastic routine.

With our innovative, attractively designed cardboard tube packaging and a clean, high-performance formula, it's as gentle on lips as it is on the planet.

Available in five distinct flavors, including an unscented version and one with SPF, there's a plastic-free lip balm for everyone!

Did you know?

ATTITUDE™ has a revolutionary face care line called Oceanly™️. The line features 19 solid, plastic free products, covering everything from cleansers and serums to face creams, masks and sunscreens, addressing all skin needs – glowing, aging, sensitive, mattifying.

Our Certifications

Our formulas are EWG VERIFIED™, which means they contain no ingredients of concern according to EWG's strict standards. Our Leaves bar™ products are also PETA certified, so they are 100% vegan.

The cardboard in our packaging is FSC certified, which means it is responsibly sourced.

With Leaves bar™, plastic-free uncompromising beauty is now a possibility!

Little Green Hack 🌱

Why not use our lovely cardboard box packaging to start your seedlings in preparation for your garden or vegetable patch?

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Written by Team ATTITUDE