About us

ATTITUDE is a Canadian company built on innovation and imagination: All-natural personal care and household products of the highest quality, with the lowest impact on our families and the planet.

Available in over 44 countries, ATTITUDE has developed a range of products to meet every family’s needs including Bath & Body, Baby & Kids, Household and Pet Care — all free of ingredients of concern* and full of natural wonder.

Together, let’s live consciously.

*Source : EWG

Our Mission

ATTITUDE is on a mission to reduce ingredients of concern* in homes by giving families the tools to enjoy healthier lives.

To live consciously

What you put on your skin gets into your body.

We all use countless products every day cleaning and caring for our families. Recent studies* tell us many household and personal care products contain legally tolerated amounts of cancer-causing chemicals, mutagens and endocrine disruptors. Not ours.

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Our vision is inspired by our real lives.

Our Vision

When we brought little people into this world, we asked ourselves big questions. Does cleaning our homes pollute our bodies and planet? More importantly, can we do something about it?

We haven’t stopped asking questions since, but now our perspective has purpose: To protect our families’ health today, minimize our impact on the planet for tomorrow and support the causes that matter to us always.