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"Driven by a desire to do meaningful work"

I co-founded ATTITUDE in 2006 to develop products that are better for our health and the environment. My wife’s pregnancy gave the added pressure of living up to my child-to-be’s expectations.

This little person sparked purpose that became a burning passion: To create the healthiest consumer products in the world. By working with imaginative, innovative scientists, we continue to develop amazing alternatives and package them in beautiful design.

We are family people and believe our homes — and bodies — should be treated like temples. Together, we can all be curious about what’s in the products we use, what we put on our skin and what we let enter our houses.

We hope to show there is a better way to do things for you, your family and the planet.

Thank you for joining our journey."

JF Bernier, ATTITUDE co-founder and CEO

Start every day with an attitude of gratitude.

At ATTITUDE we are a family. It’s not the genetics in our veins, but the DNA of our vision that connects us.

What our team does every day feels less like work and more like wonder. Inspired by the intrigue of the lab at the heart of our office, we push the boundaries of progress and possibility.

Great things never come from comfort zones.

We have grown from a few people in a small factory to a bustling, collaborative community. Each of us shares the same vision and values — being vertically integrated, everyone from the scientists turning our dreams into realities to the production crew packing the bottles shares our mission and passion.

We hope to lead in the way we live — and we live consciously.

Our Culture

ATTITUDE is built on the principles of being conscious, collaborative and curious. We are more like family than team members, and know that if we are going to create a healthier and happier world, it needs to start in our office. Optimism and passion give us the strength to face every challenge and affect the change we want to see.

Like the Inukshuk that guides our values, we embody harmony and balance. We support and appreciate everyone’s contributions and understand we would not be standing without each other. Both in terms of mentality and physical space, our office is open — there are no walls, only windows.

Our in-house lab is not only central to our office, but also our culture. It inspires us to view the world with the child-like curiosity of a scientist, forever exploring, experimenting and experiencing.

Just like our products, ATTITUDE’s atmosphere is influenced by our families. Within our office, we do much more than just work together. Communal tables are where we eat together; a central gym is where we have a midday sweat together; hanging swings, lounge areas and the kitchen bar are where we play together.

Most importantly, we are growing together.

Discover our ATTITUDE

Authenticity: We are fully committed to our passion and mission.

Time: We believe in a work-life balance that allows more serendipitous, magical moments spent with family.

Teamwork: Only through collaboration and a community of passionate, optimistic, curious people can we see our mutual goals achieved.

Inclusivity: All are welcome at ATTITUDE.

Taking care: Of each other, our homes, our planet and ourselves.

Understanding: Compassion and empathy keep ATTITUDE’s heart beating.

Driven: We are forever ambitious in creating a healthier world for people everywhere.

Explorers: As scientists and creators, we view the world with and are fuelled by childlike curiosity.

Raise the bar

Our mission

Raising the standard with the best home & beauty care products for all.

High-performance, clean ingredients, less plastic, more trees.

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