Beauty in a bar

Beauty bars for body and hair. No nasty ingredients, no plastic waste, no compromise on performance.


Our body & hand soaps are all about turning a daily routine into a luxurious eco-conscious experience. They offer a lavish time thanks to their rich hydrating lather & indulgent fragrances.


Lip Balms

Packed with moisturizing and nourishing ingredients like shea butter and coconut oil, our lip balms are the perfect addition to a plastic-free body care routine.

Hair Care

Our plastic-free hair care bars contain a unique blend of precious oils and clays, to meet all needs - volume, hydration, nutrition and detoxification.

Body Care

Our plastic-free body care bars are made with a precious blend of oils and luscious butters that quickly penetrate the skin to nourish, repair and beautify it.


Our deodorants are formulated with gentle absorbent and neutralizing ingredients to provide long-lasting protection against odor & moisture – without aluminum or baking soda.

Plastic Free Bundles


Plastic-free beauty routine

Adopting a zero plastic waste beauty routine means deciding to take care of yourself & the planet. Discover the 9 products to a plastic free beauty routine.

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Woman using a scrub in a bar format from the naturally-sourced ingredient new leaves bar collection by ATTITUDE

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