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October 1, 2022


"A clay is known to detoxify, tighten pores and remove impurities. Montmorillonite is a natural ingredient that provides all of these benefits to normal and oily skin."

What's montmorillionite?

It is an entirely natural green clay. It allows to detoxify and purify.

The benefits of montmorillionite

This clay is designed for oily skin. Indeed, montmorillonite closes the pores of the skin which decreases the excretion of sebum. This phenomenon is present when the clay is used as a mask. The montmorillonite also has virtues of elimination of toxins and impurities for an effect of freshness on the skin.

How to use montmoriollite?

All uses have the same purpose, but they can be in different forms. It is possible to take montmorillonite clay in powder form and mix it into bath water for full body effects. The same texture can be mixed with a shampoo, a body or face cleanser to see results.

Interesting fact: It is possible to put montmorillonite clay in the water of your aquariums for the happiness of your fish. Just be sure to get the brand sold in pet stores

Exposure to the sun of vitamin C

The use of cream with vitamin C before prolonged exposure to the sun is not recommended. Indeed, the consequence is that the active ingredients of vitamin C can be modified with the exposure to the sun. This is why, in most cases, the bottles of Vitamin C serum are dark. It is also preferable to store your products containing vitamin C in a dark place, in a place with little or no humidity and where the temperature is basic.

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