ATTITUDE Baby cleaning bundle Nature+_en?_main?
ATTITUDE Baby cleaning bundle Nature+_en?_main?

NATURE+ Baby Cleaning Bundle

Make your household chores a little sweeter with our specially designed cleaning kit that's gentle on baby's delicate skin.

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  • Cruelty-free & vegan
    All of our products are certified vegan — meaning no animal-derived ingredients. Ever. We’re proud members of PETA’s Beauty Without Bunnies program.
    Cruelty-free & vegan
  • ECOLOGO Certified
    Curious how committed we are to the planet? Not only do we meet Ecologo’s standards, but we surpass them by avoiding environmental contamination at every step: from sourcing raw materials to producing our packaging.
    ECOLOGO Certified
  • Made in Canada
    Each of our products surpass all Canadian quality and safety standards.
    Made in Canada

Ever wondered why babies spill so much? It takes 14 months to develop the hand-eye coordination needed to feed themselves with a spoon! There’s no point crying over spilt —or burped up— milk. Instead, embrace these messy moments and clean your child’s clothes with ATTITUDE’s Laundry Detergent. We use natural and effective ingredients so that you can get dirty without worry.

From laundry essentials to dishwashing liquid to a toy and surface cleaner, these delicately and naturally scented pear nectar products will add a soothing touch to your routine. All ECOLOGO certified and vegan, our cleaning essentials are as gentle on little ones as they are on the planet!

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Lauren V.
Best “safe for your kids” cleaner ever!

This toy and surface cleaner is simply amazing. I use it to clean all my little ones play items. It has a very gentle scent, barely noticeable really. I can trust that his items are clean and it’s not going to hurt my baby when he puts things in his mouth and plays with them. Consider it once less thing this mama has to worry about!

Best detergent I've ever tried

I made the switch to Attitude detergent just before the world chaos with a certain virus began. This stuff works SO WELL on my husband's stinky work uniforms as well as my rough-n-tumble kids' playclothes. I'm not noticing any clothes fading or pilling like I did with the leading detergents available in stores near me. Plus the scent is wonderful in these times of anxiety. Don't get me wrong, it isn't a strong, overpower your perfume kind of scent. It's a cozy aroma you notice when you bury your face in the towels or blankets. (To me it smells lightly of black currants and jasmine) I hate to run out of this Sweet Lullaby laundry detergent in particular - please please please make it in an eco-refill!

Laundry is a joy again!

I love the smell of baby everything. Dreft laundry detergent, mustela baby wash and lotion etc. Those scents just make me happy and I am a sucker for good smelling laundry. I want my laundry to have a stronger smell and for it to last until I wear it. Well, once we went green I was really missing this! Our natural detergent was unscented and I used dryer balls instead of dryer sheets, so I missed the smell so badly. But luckily for me this detergent and fabric softener are PERFECT. Not only do they work well, but my clothes and sheets and towels (and baby clothes) smell amazing again! And it's safe and non toxic too. Please please NEVER stop making this. I'm now thoroughly addicted and you have a fan for life!

I love it

I was looking for something natural that did the job and this is it! The smell is nice and very mild. It foams nicely. I really like it. Customer service was great too!

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